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2 Chainz invests in a multibillion-dollar energy firm

2 Chainz is expanding his business portfolio with a new investment in a billion-dollar energy firm managed by a black woman!

2 Chainz, an Atlanta rapper, is growing his empire by investing in a solar power company.

After Heliogen went public, the performer poured money into what appears to be the next big thing.

2 Chainz announced the news on his Instagram account. The following was the caption:

“So I invested in this startup that basically absorbs the sun’s energy and packages it for reuse even at night,” 2 Chainz explained.


Heliogen and S### Athena merged to create this potential in the renewable energy sector.

The fact that the CEO of S### Athena Technology Acquisition Corp is Phyllis Newhouse, a Black woman who is also the founder and CEO of Xtreme Solutions, adds to the intrigue.

Newhouse and her team were the driving force behind the $2 billion merger between Heliogen and her company.

“We had firms phoning us on day one, the day we went public with the S###,” she told Forbes. Heliogen, in comparison to any other firm we spoke with, is solving a global problem. And they’re using renewable energy to solve the problem.”

She is also enthusiastic to lead in this field as a Black woman.

“With the experience that we bring to the table, we wanted to prove that women can serve in any capacity in a S###. So the all-women-led notion was to demonstrate that we can handle all aspects of the job,” Newhouse stated. “And now we can go out and participate in all SPACs… we always went into this with the intention of branching out into many more opportunities because we could keep creating.”


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