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6 Things Fans Expect From Kendrick Lamar Album Whenever He Release It

Here are 6 things fans expect from Kendrick Lamar’s new album whenever he release it.

Kendrick haven’t released an album in the last couple of years thus kept his fans starving of his music.

Fans expect him to dish out quality music whenever he release, so here are 6 things fans wants from Kendrick Lamar.

6. Different Genre Of Music

Fans want his new album to contain both relaxation and hype music, something like Hip Hop and RnB mixed together, @YeezyTaughtMe72 said “Cant wait to listen to the new Kendrick Lamar album while playing GTA 6 in 2028”

5. Creative Album Cover

The cover of Kendrick’s previous Kendrick Lamar Album like Damn and section 80 matched the content of the album.

Fans expect his new album cover to be more creative than ever @raptalksk said “Kendrick Lamar has released new album cover”

4. Album Release Date Announcement

Fans expect Kendrick to say his new album release date as soon as possible, some expect him to announce it at superbowl they even make memes of Kendrick releasing his album in the next decade while some.

@raptalksk said “imagine Kendrick Lamar announces his album at the Super Bowl halftime show” this fan wants Kendrick to release album at the superbowl.


3. Top Artiste Features

It will be a great addition if Kendrick will feature top artiste like Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert, A$AP Rocky, Playboi Carti, Lupe Fiasco on the album, it will please fans of all those artiste Including Kendrick Lamar fans.

2. Huge Album Sales

Kendrick’s top selling album is Damn which was released on April 2017 and sold 3.137 million album units, fans expect his new album to outsell Damn.

1. Improved Lyrics and Production

Kendrick is a beast of both quality lyrics and good production of a song, his last album damn he introduced his fans to trap music which is different from his usual boombap sound.

Fans expect his production and lyrics to improve and be better than all his previous albums.

Those are opinions and things I think his fans will expect from his new album, what are your opinion drop it below.

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