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Angela Yee Net Worth, Salary, Husband, Business and Movies

Angela Yee’s Net Worth

Angela Yee presently according to Celebrity Net worth is valued at $7 million; she is a rich American radio personality, entrepreneur and songwriter.

How Angela Yee made her money

Angela Yee

Angela Yee

She made the bulk of her money from being a professional radio personality and gained popularity when she co-hosted a morning show, The Breakfast Club”, with Charlamagne Tha Gold and DJ Envy.

Angela Yee House

Angela Yee is known to be someone who invests a lot in real estate considering the number of houses she has, she said that she is on a mission to encourage more women to buy real estate on their own because the industry is growing very fast. Angela lee currently has 3 homes but she lives in only one and is planning to relocate to the recently purchased house.

1st House

She owns a two-family Bed-Stuy brownstone which has 2 floors but she only occupies one and rented out the other, due to her constant travels she hasn’t spent a lot of time in the home and plans to relocate after leaving “The Breakfast club”.

2nd House

Also, she has another home in Williamsburg but she hasn’t lived there for once in her life as she gives it out for rent, she purchased the house at the value of $800,000 and it is situated at the Austin Nichols House.

3rd House

Finally, she owns a house in Brooklyn which she bought during the Covid-19 pandemic for $2.8 million, this is the latest house in her collection.

Watch Angela Yee Breakfast Club Episode on why Angela Yee left the show, below ;

What Angela Yee Said Interview about her House

According to her in an interview with the daily post, she said: “I am always working and travelling but during the pandemic, I finally had the time to look for a new home”.

The house which is a landmarked Brooklyn was originally asking for $3.2 million but after negotiations- she bought it at a lesser price, she plans to move into the house soon maybe at the onset of her show.

Angela Yee Daughter

This perception is one of the reasons that prompted me to write this article, it is general knowledge that Angela Yee is single and yet to be married even though she has been involved in a series of romantic relationships- this cools down the rumours of a supposed husband and incredibly a supposed daughter. This is to say that Angela Yee doesn’t have a daughter as of writing.

Angela Yee’s daughter age

As mentioned before, Angela Yee is not married which means that there is no daughter.

Angela Yee Boyfriends

Angela Yee who is 46 years old is intentionally quiet about her dating life and according to Who’s dated who, she is rumoured to have dated guys who are:

Gucci Mane (Rumored)

This was her most recent relationship as she was rumoured to be dating the 35 years old rapper in 2016.

Joyner Lucas

She had a brief dating spell with the 26-year-old rapper, which lasted only a few months in 2015.


Surprisingly, she dated the 38-year-old rapper in the same year when she dated “Joyner Lucas”.
The list shown above signifies that she is more into American rappers but even though she is single we expect her next lover maybe a rapper.

Angela Yee Current Boyfriend and Relationship

Rumours have had it that she is in a relationship with someone who she doesn’t want to reveal his identity to the world yet and prefers that they keep their relationship low-key but since it isn’t verified, we won’t announce it yet.

Angela Yee Movies

Aside from being a professional and very popular radio personality, she has also explored the movies industry being an actress and has featured in various movies, here is the list of movies in which Angela Yee has featured:

  1. Fight your way out (2017)
  2. The After Party (2018)
  3. Dave (2020)
  4. Dhar Mann Customer 6 (2022)
  5. Queens (2021)
  6. Empire (2015-2019)

Angela Yee Instagram

As common among celebrities, Angela Yee is a very popular and influential person on the mobile application as she has over 1.3 million followers and is very active on the platform.

Angela Yee’s ethnic background

Angela Yee is an American citizen only because she was given birth in Brooklyn, New York, America but her father is a Chinese man and her mother is an African-American woman.

Angela Yee Parents

As discussed above, Angela’s parents are from two different countries i.e., the father is from china and the mother is from America. The Father’s name is Celestina Farage-Yee and her mother’s name was Mary Yee.

Angela Yee Parents Marriage Status

According to Angele Yee, her parents are both divorced when she was in college but she had no idea of it because they were still living together. Aside from this public knowledge, nothing more has been sourced about her parents as they prefer to live a quiet life away from the media and they aren’t popular as Angela was the one who broadcasted the name of the family.

Angela Yee Business

Outside of being the on radio as “The Breakfast Club ”, she owns a lot of businesses and is quietly building a business empire outside the media industry. Here are the businesses she owns:

Coffee Shop and Hair Care Company

Angela Yee inside her coffee shop

Angela Yee in her coffee shop

She co-owns a coffee shop called “Coffee Uplifts people” with Tony Forte and LaRon Batchelor, she also owns a Juice shop called “Drink Fresh Juice” and co-owns a hair-care company called “Private Label” with Tony Forte.
People may think that the businesses she owns won’t have challenges as she is a big celebrity but that’s wrong in a statement, she stated the challenges she has faced in being a Black American female owner:

What Angela Said about the struggles of her Coffee Business

“It’s been hard because I still struggle with imposter syndrome. Sometimes I feel that I am not smart enough or that I don’t belong in a certain room. Starting on the radio, I was looked at as a sidekick…I rebelled against that notion because I had so much to prove.

For most of the jobs I have worked at, I was the only woman. When we are live on “The Breakfast Club”, I am still the only woman in the room. I do the most work because I have to prove myself. If I were a man, I don’t think I would be the same way. I feel that I have to be more prepared than anyone else, yet I still don’t get the same respect. I do all of this work just to be considered equal. People think you are only there to fill a quota, so they may not take you seriously”.

Angela Yee age

Angela Yee was born on the 3rd January 1976 which when calculated puts her age at 46 years in 2022.

Angela Yee husband

Since she is not in a relationship which means she is not married and therefore has no husband or fiancé.

How much money does Angela Yee make?

Angela Yee makes an annual salary of $3 million, with a net worth valued at $7 million.
What is Angela Yee’s Net worth according to Forbes?
According to Forbes, Angela Yee’s net worth is valued at $7 million.

Angela Yee Salary

She earns an average of $3 million yearly from the various activities she is engaged in.

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