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Are Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner together? The Couples Relationship Timeline

Are Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner together?

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott was spotted together on an occasion, lately, in 2022. The two stars initially got separated in October 2019.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott carrying their daughter Stormi

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott‘s relationship has always been unique, and it is just so exciting now. Thanks to concealed conceptions, leasing out rides, attractions, and $1.4 million gifts.

Watch Kylie Jenner ask Travis Scott 23 Question on GQ;

Travis Scott Reconciliation With Kylie Jenner

According to reports, Travis and Kylie had reconciled after a few months of being separated, and they received their second baby in February 2022. Kylie identified Travis as her “best friend” on April 30, 2022.

The New baby name theories were sparked by Kylie’s Instagram post on June 3, 2022. Day after day, fresh speculation regarding the renaming of Travis and Kylie’s son arises.

The popular television personality uploaded a picture of a rabbit hiding underneath a tree and wrote, “I spy with my small eye..”

People on social media, especially a TikTok user of “@gaymanwithaspraytan,” quickly identified the rabbit in Kylie’s shot as a jack rabbit.

Travis Scott Family fashion during his first Performance since Astroworld Disaster

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott standing next to the other

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

On May 15, 2022, Travis did his first performance since the Astroworld disaster as Kylie accompany Stormi down the red carpet. The red carpet for an awards ceremony is clearly nothing new for Kylie and Travis, but on this occasion they included Stormi.

In a one-shoulder white outfit and complementing white sneakers, the 4-year-old Stormi staged a surprise presence on the red carpet of the 2022 Billboard Music Awards. Travis sported an olive green suit, and Kylie showed up wearing a floor-length Balmain costume. On the red carpet, the couple exuded coziness and love.

Kylie celebrated Travis Scott 31st Birthday

On Saturday, Kylie sent a birthday dedication to Travis in celebration of his 31st birthday on Instagram. The businesswoman tagged Travis in an Instagram Story post with the comment, “Happy birthday my love my best friend [three white heart emojis] the most precious guy and father to our babies. @travisscott,” gripping his chin as he moved in near to her.

Is Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner still together in 2021?

From mid-2021, there were signs that Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner were back together. Travis hosted a birthday party on August 13, 2021, for Kylie.

Travis Scott resting on the chest of Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

Even though Kylie and Travis haven’t officially announced their settlement so far, E! News reports that they’re “doing really well” right now.

When neither of them is working, an insider informed the website, “They have been close.” She enjoys spending time with her family.

This year, Kylie celebrated her 24th birthday at an apartment with her friends and family. It’s unknown if Travis joined the celebration at Kylie’s residence, but the next day, he hosted one for her at his residence.

Travis also assisted in organizing a low-key gathering for Kylie and had her entire family as well as a few acquaintances at the residence, the source claimed.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner anticipating there second child

Travis Scott and his daughter Stormi Webster

Travis Scott and his daughter Stormi Webster

According to rumors, Travis and Kylie were anticipating their second child on August 20, 2021.

Sources said that Kylie’s reports of being pregnant may be genuine after followers conjectured as much. It has been verified by numerous people familiar with the 24-year-old singer that she and Travis are anticipating a second child.

On September 7, 2021, Kylie made her second pregnancy a public announcement.

Kylie Jenner confirmed Pregnancy of second Child

Following weeks of internet speculations, Kylie has confirmed she is expecting her second kid. To the surprise of her followers who expected her to make her big announcement on the Met Gala red carpet this year, the cosmetics entrepreneur revealed it all in a video that was uploaded to Instagram.

Is Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner together in 2022?

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are back together in 2022. She posted a video from her baby shower on January 14, 2022.

She has at last revealed behind-the-scenes images from her glamorous baby party, which was styled with life-size camel sculptures, luscious foliage, white roses, and candlelight settings.

Kylie Jenner family fashion during reunion

Kylie was decked out in a floor-length white gown and stunning diamond jewelry. Kylie’s mum Kris wore a Skims x Fendi jumpsuit underneath a golden topcoat, while Kylie’s grandmother MJ also looked stunning in all-white.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott would then welcome their first baby boy on February 2, 2022.

Kylie Jenner Instagram post about her second child

On February 6, Kylie posted the announcement to her Instagram account, writing, ” 2/2/22.”

Stormi, the older sister, was seen clutching her younger brother’s hand in the black-and-white image.

Kourtney Kardashian replied, “Mommy of two lives,” as Kim then added two emojis.

Kylie Jenner revealed son’s name

The name of Kylie’s son was revealed on February 11th, 2022. While it was widely believed that Kylie and Travis named their baby Angel, Kylie finally revealed on February 11 that the boy’s name is Wolf Webster. She announced the information on her Instagram Stories.

Kylie Jenner Postpartum issues during pregnancy of Second child

On 16 March 2022, Kylie discusses her postpartum issues in detail. Kylie revealed how challenging her maternity journey has gotten thus far in a rare private conversation on her Instagram Stories.

She said, “I simply want to let my postpartum moms know that postpartum has not been easy. “It’s incredibly difficult. Mentally, physically, and spiritually, it’s simply wild; it’s not easy. It hasn’t been easy for me either, but I didn’t want to simply move on with my life without stating that because…for other moms going through it right now, I think we can look on the internet and it could look a lot simpler for other people and put the burden on us. It was difficult.”

Renaming their son “Wolf”

Kylie and Travis renamed their son’s name on March 21, 2022. Kylie disclosed that she and Travis have chosen to rename their infant son.

She acknowledged this on her Instagram Story, writing, “FYI our son’s name isn’t Wolf anymore.” “Simply put, we didn’t think it was him. Since I continue seeing Wolf everywhere, I just wanted to share.”

Has Travis Scott dated Kylie Jenner?

Travis Scott hugging Kylie Jenner from the back

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner have dated. However, their relationship took a pause last three years. Sources reveal they’re back together – this 2022.

He even discussed how he’s preparing the child to be a sportsman on July 5, 2022. Travis and Kylie typically don’t talk much about their children or their parental education.

Travis Scott son basketball and baseball collection

The rapper shared a sweet image of his son’s play collection on his Instagram Story.

The picture, which was captioned “me and mama getting him ready,” included the cutest light-up leaderboard in the world, along with a miniature baseball tee and bat as well as a basketball net.

Although their baby is only five months old, Travis likely indicates that he and Kylie are “getting him ready” to compete in the big leagues someday.

Kylie, Travis Scott and Stormi spotted in public

Kylie, Travis, and Stormi went out on the town in London on August 4, 2022. On August 4, Travis Scott and his family were sighted out in London. Kylie, Travis, and Stormi, their 4-year-old daughter, all wore matching black attire. King Kylie’s silk LBD and seductive smoky eye gave everyone reunion inspiration.

Travis Scott First Performance since Astroworld Disaster with his Family

Travis would be supported by Kylie and Stormi at his first solo performance following “Astroworld” on August 6, 2022.

Sources claim that on August 6, 2022, Travis Scott performed at London’s O2 Arena alone for the first time since catastrophic incidents that followed his Astroworld Music Festival in 2021.

Kylie and Stormi observed Travis’ performance from the crowd, so it only made sense that she posted a cute picture upload from the event on Instagram. The trio donned coordinated clothes consisting of light-washed loose pants, black and white T-shirts, and corresponding Nike sneakers.

Is Travis Scott married?

Travis Scott is not yet married, although he is engaged to millionaire superstar, Kim Kardashian.

On July 20, 2022, when Kylie was spotted out for dinner with her pals Stassie Karanikolaou and Yris Palmer, and her siblings Kim and Khloé Kardashian, there were speculations that the couple had gotten engaged.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner wedding rumour and ceremony

As her group was dressed in full black, Kylie was dressed in all white. The color scheme of this event led many followers to believe that it was a bridal shower. Afterwards, a wedding registration with the names “Mother Goose” and “Cactus Jack,” the name of Travis Scott’s record company, as well as a wedding date of December 10, 2022, went viral. A Daum Crystal Jardin du Cactus sculpture with an alleged $36,000 price tag was listed on the registry.

However, reports claim that a wedding is not imminent for the couple. In addition, the insider made it clear that the supper wasn’t a bridal shower.

Fake Kylie’s son “Manson”

After someone attempted to fake her son Mason on Instagram, Kylie’s sister Kourtney Kardashian shut down the wedding and ceremony reports. On July 21, 2022, Kourtney wrote on her Instagram stories, “Hello everyone, hope it is a great Thursday.” “I thought after months and months that you would all realize Mason is NOT on these false accounts, but some of you still don’t. I’ll make it crystal obvious now. Mason is NOT speaking about our family on these bogus social media pages.

“Hey guys!” was published by the bogus user. Mason here is your favorite person, haha. Here is a life update. The sole person wearing white is Kylie, who is going to get married, so that’s why!”

Does Travis Scott plan to marry Kylie Jenner

There have been speculations of a marriage between Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner before. Since they first began dating in 2018, the couple has been the subject of years of relationship and wedding speculations. Stormi Webster, who is 4 years old, and their son, who was born in February 2022, are their two kids together.

The couple is “spending all their time and attention on their new kid,” and they are both “extremely hands-on” parents, as per an insider who talked to Us Weekly at the period.

Is Kylie Jenner married?

Kylie Jenner is not yet married, as she has not expressly made a remark partaining to her boyfriend, Travis Scott.

Although she likes her freedom, the insider claimed that she couldn’t see herself spending her future plans with anyone but Travis.

“Taking care of the children has been the top focus. They’ll have the best chance of remaining together in the long run if they keep things between themselves amicable and laid-back and establish limits,” the source added.

Although Kylie Jenner has not openly stated that she is engaged, a source told Us Weekly in May that the two were considering getting married. Scott and Jenner embraced their second baby together, a baby boy whose name has not yet been leaked to the press, in February.

However, the discussions were “very private,” the insider claimed. Despite having “swerved the idea for years,” Jenner and Scott “have not ruled it off.”

According to Pop Faction, an Instagram user going by the name of Mason claimed that Kylie Jenner and her sisters were privately commemorating their upcoming nuptials to Travis Scott, who has been Jenner’s on-and-off boyfriend.

Despite the fact that they have frequently inspired speculations over the years, most notably in March, Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner have not publicly confirmed any marriage plans.

Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott married.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are not yet married, though the pair have two children together.

The romance between Travis and Kylie, which has been on and off since 2017, has lately come into question for their extensive usage of private jets. People are now discussing once more, albeit for more encouraging motives. Fans are thinking that Travis and Kylie may have wed at last.

Speculation of Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner marriage

Since they were initially photographed interacting 5 years earlier, there have been speculations that Travis and Kylie may get married or get engaged. Fans are even more interested in learning if they will be married shortly because they currently have two children together, Stormi and Wolf.

Fans even still recall Travis calling Kylie his “wifey” in the course of his 2021 Parsons Benefit commencement address.

Naturally, matters went from bad to worse when Kylie shared a TikTok in July 2022 showing her wearing a white dress while her sisters were all wearing black. One commenter said, “It’s giving bridal and bridesmaid vibes.”

There isn’t any concrete proof that the couple has wed or is even currently engaged, however, it’s unclear why Kylie was decked out in a white dress.

Many did believe Kylie was flaunting an engagement ring, nevertheless, in late 2021.

Travis Scott’s wife.

Travis Scott doesn’t have a wife as of 2022. But the singer has been close with Kylie Jenner.

On August 7, 2022, Kylie and Travis have been spotted getting close in recent Instagram Selfies.

On a romantic trip to London, Kylie shared a string of adorable mirrored pictures in which she cuddled up beside Travis. She tagged the picture, “Utopia with you,” and Travis responded, “We out.” Khloé Kardashian, Kylie’s older sister, also added her two cents, saying, “Love the love.”

Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner’s split.

On October 1, 2019, it was announced that Scott and Jenner are “taking some time but not done.”

When Jenner brought her kid but not Scott to Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s marriage on September 30, TMZ claimed that their romance had “cooled.”

The couple, who have a one-year-old girl named Stormi Webster, “are taking some time but not done,” according to an insider familiar to Jenner.

According to the insider, “They still struggle with trust, but their concerns are more a result of the strain in their daily lives.”

These ideas were expressed by another insider, who added that Jenner and Scott “aren’t officially calling it quits on their romance, but are taking space apart” and that their relationship was being impacted by professional demands.

Jenner confirmed the breakup rumors on Twitter by stating that she and Travis are:

“on excellent terms” and that their primary concern at the moment is Stormi. “Our daughter and our friendship are priorities.”

The pair have consistently loved and respected each other, according to a source who spoke anonymously to TMZ, but they took a hiatus last year since they both have too much coming on. They were unable to give the relationship their entire attention.

The insider added, “Although things haven’t slowed down much for the pair, they’re better equipped to handle it. The couple is ultimately content to have their family back together, a source close to them stated.

The trio of pictures, which were shot in April 2017 in Jenner and Scott’s initial social excursion together, show the couple watching a basketball game from the courtside while acting highly flirtatious. “It’s a mood,” she labeled the pictures.

Did Travis Scott date Kendall Jenner First?

Travis Scott didn’t date Kendell Jenner first, before having an engagement with Kylie Jenner. Kendell is wholly involved with Devin Booker. Notwithstanding a hiccup in July 2022, Kendall and her partner of two years, Devin Booker, remain together.

According to a source who spoke to E! News, Kendell once “wanted space and time apart,” but “they have been in touch since and do care about one another.”

Since then, they were seen reunited at a friend’s wedding, and Kendall reportedly shared an Instagram post of her and Booker hugging, proving that their relationship is once again going strong.

Although Devin’s face was not visible in the photo, it appeared to corroborate that the couple was back again. Ever since, the pair have had couples retreat to Idaho.

Kendall regularly posts pictures of her basketball player boyfriend although typically keeping her romances discreet.

In the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” reunion show, Kendall admitted to courting the NBA player, telling Andy Cohen: “He’s my boyfriend.”

As for the assertion that she exclusively dates basketball players, the supermodel refuted it by saying, “No, I actually don’t only date basketball players, if anyone has ever done their research.”

Travis Scott and Rihanna.

Travis Scott allegedly sought to keep his past relationship with Rihanna a secret.

A podcast from 2020 said that the rapper would deny having a relationship with the Umbrella artist but instead would refer to her as his “muse” in private.

Travis and the Barbadian pop diva reportedly had a “hush-hush” relationship before he met Kylie Jenner in 2017.

When the quiet romance started to take off in 2015, an E! News outlet informed the tabloid that: “Officially dating are Travis and Rihanna. The situation has been grave. She has her very heart.”

According to insiders familiar with the pop singer, the overwhelming attachment was one-sided because Rihanna didn’t want the public to realize how attached she was growing to the musician.

Following a hit piece conversation with Complex, Lawrence Schlossman asserted that Travis had urged him to maintain his relationship with Rihanna under wraps.

What Travis said about relationship with Rihanna

“I broke the story about him and Rihanna, which they warned me not to do,” the former editor of Complex stated.

“When I was 16 years old, this was in 2015. However, it appears that Travis would gripe about that over the following few years.”

Kylie Jenner’s ex-boyfriends.

Kylie Jenner has some past boyfriends who she has dated. Reports have it that Kylie has dated three men, with Travis being the third.

Here’s a brief timeline on her ex-boyfriends.

Friendship with Jordyn Woods.

Jenner and Jordyn Woods first became friends in 2012 through Jaden Smith, the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, two actors from the entertainment industry. Woods appeared in Jenner’s 2017 reality TV series “Life of Kylie” and Jenner’s 2018 pregnancy video, demonstrating the pair’s long-standing friendship.

The Kylie x Jordyn series, a joint effort between the two friends, was introduced by Kylie Cosmetics in September 2018.

Why Kylie Jenner broke up with Jordyn Woods

In 2019, their relationship officially ended as a consequence of Woods having cheated on Jenner with Khloé Kardashian’s half-sister Tristan Thompson.

Jenner canceled the Woods-branded lip kit and dropped the cost to get rid of the existing shares.

Friendship with Tyga

Tyga and Kylie Jenner were spotted inching closer in August 2014 while celebrating Kylie’s 17th birthday. Weeks later, Tyga canceled his engagement to Blac Chyna, the mother of his baby and his fiancée.

After Jenner reach the age of 18 in 2015, the couple became a couple. Later, Jenner guest starred in “Stimulated” and “Dope’d Up,” two of Tyga’s music videos.

Friendship with Travis Scott.

Jenner and Travis Scott were first spotted together at Coachella in April 2017. Their girl Stormi Webster was born on February 1st, 2018, to Jenner.

The song “Stop Trying to Be God” from Travis Scott’s third studio soundtrack Astroworld features Kylie Jenner in the music video.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner split in September 2019, although they stayed with each other in isolation during the COVID-19 outbreak for the benefit of their baby, which led to a reawakening of their romance.

Following months of rumors, Jenner finally confirmed that she and Scott were anticipating their second baby on September 7, 2021. Wolf Webster, their son, was born to Jenner on February 2, 2022. She and Tyga split up in April 2017.

Kylie Jenner’s ex-husband.

She has never been married, although there are speculations about the millionaire woman getting married to a life-long Fiancee, Travis Scott.

Kylie Jenner’s marriage date.

There’s been no marriage date stated by either Kylie Jenner or Travis Scott.

Since dating speculations about Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott began to circulate in April 2017, much has changed. When their daughter, Stormi Webster, was born in February 2018, the couple, who were each 21 and 26 years old at the time, became parents for the first time.

People are already guessing about if the pair have married to further their romance.

Why fans suspect Kylie and Travis is married

Although Kylie and Travis haven’t confirmed their alleged married situation, they have already given a number of signs on media platforms by referring to one another as “hubby” and “wifey.”

Fans frequently inquire as to whether the names are merely pet names or if they have deeper meanings.

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