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Batman Review: Fans Review And Share Opinion on Batman Movie

Batman movie is getting critiques from fans and reviews on social media, from Twitter to Instagram.

Below are fans review;

@PH7RAOH said this about Batman “Saw Batman, here’s my review: A girl audibly moaned when Zoe Kravitz came on screen”

@thoughtfulbae made this review “I’m reading The Batman reviews and they’re saying it’s just as good or better than The Dark Knight. That’s saying A Lot”

@JacobH2k said “my honest #TheBatman review for all those who care: Robert Pattinson is my favorite Batman. Christian Bale was an amazing Bruce Wayne in his 30s. Pattinson plays a younger more troubled Batman and holy shit is he awesome. His suit, his speech, his combat: it’s all amazing”


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