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Ben Affleck Tattoo: When Ben Affleck Got His Back Tattoo

Many fans and people have stated that Ben Affleck has poor tattoo taste. While the massive phoenix inexplicably rising from the ashes on his back is undoubtedly his most well-known tattoo, Ben actually has several other tattoos on his body.

When did Ben Affleck get his back tattoo?

Ben Affleck revealed his phoenix tattoo in the summer of 2015, just a few days after his divorce from Jennifer Garner was made public.

Ben Affleck front and Back tattoo

Ben Affleck front and Back tattoo

None of his non-phoenix tattoos are so out of the ordinary that not one, but two of his ex-girlfriends have ever felt the need to go on the record about how much they despise the tattoos.

Jennifer Lopez, Ben’s girlfriend and now wife, revealed on Watch What Happens Live in 2016 how much she despised the phoenix tattoo.

“It’s awful! And I would tell him that. What are you doing? It has too many colors! His tattoos always have too many colors. They shouldn’t be so colorful, you know what I mean? They should be, like, cooler.” She said

Was Ben Affleck’s tattoo real?

Many of Ben Affleck’s fans wish his phoenix tattoos were temporary, and if they were permanent, it would have been cooler.

Ben Affleck Back phoenix Tattoo

Ben Affleck Back phoenix Tattoo

In fact, Ben Affleck undoubtedly wishes his tattoos were cooler because, during his interview with Mario Lopez on Extra, he initially lied about his phoenix tattoo, claiming it was fake. However, he later admitted to Ellen DeGeneres that the tattoo was genuine, stating that the phoenix tattoo is not the worst temporary tattoo in the world and actually represents “something really important” to him.

Ben also explained why he lied to the New York Times about his tattoo in 2019, saying “I resented that somebody got a picture of it by spying on me. It felt invasive. But you’re right. I could have said, ‘That’s none of your business.’ I guess I got a kick out of messing with Extra. ‘Is your tattoo real or not real?’ Of course, it’s real! No, I put a fake tattoo on my back and then hid it.”

Ben Affleck also had another tattoo that he covered up with the phoenix.

Ben had previously written “OV” on his shoulder blade, with “MOH NON TE” above it and “TA OR” below it.

“MOH NON TE” is an anagram for “one month,” according to Gawker.

The “OV”, “MOH NON TE”, and “TA OR” tattoos aren’t Ben Affleck’s only ones, and the Phoenix tatto isn’t the only animal scurrying across his body. Ben Affleck also has a strange little dolphin hanging out on his hip, which Page Six affectionately referred to as his “dolphin tramp stamp.”

The actor got the tattoo to cover up the name of his high school girlfriend, according to the website.

According to People, Ben revealed some of his older tattoos, saying, “I was young. It was entertaining and cool. I’m sorry now, but it’s a good lesson in making decisions with long-term consequences.”

The other tattoo is on Ben’s other bicep, which looks like a cross surrounded by flowers.

What does Ben Affleck’s tattoo mean?

Ben initially claimed that the tattoo was a hoax, but later confirmed its authenticity, dubbing it the “phoenix rising from his ass” tattoo. He went on to say that the phoenix tattoo “represents something important” to him but did not elaborate.

Why did Ben Affleck get a phoenix tattoo?

Ben Affleck admitted that the public’s reaction to his tattoo, which was first seen in photos of the Triple Frontier star on vacation in Hawaii in 2016, was “not so positive.” “It’s a commitment,” DeGeneres joked, adding that the phoenix appears to be “rising from your ass.”

This is the first meaning of a phoenix. The phoenix is a well-known symbol that represents birth, death, and rebirth, as well as the cyclical nature of life and its renewal. Many people choose phoenix tattoos because they represent turning over a new leaf in life.

Does Jennifer Lopez have a tattoo?

Jennifer Lopez has a number of tattoos on her body, but none are or were permanent. All of her tattoos are temporary, so she can remove them whenever she wants and make room for new ones.

Jennifer Lopez has 5 temporary tattoos so far, and they are;

Jennifer Lopez tattoo

Jennifer Lopez tattoo

1. The Lideris tattoo on collar bone

Lideris is the Latvian word for “leader.” This tattoo was recently applied to J Lo’s collarbone. This latest tattoo design was created for a music video for her latest album “Follow the Leader,” which she co-wrote with two other Puerto Rican singers earlier this year. That explains why Lideris was engraved in the first place.

2. The Dragon tattoo on the back

J Lo also got a dragon tattoo on her back for her “Follow the Leader” album. Dragons are regarded as malevolent creatures in some European countries, heralds of doom. However, whether it is a Chinese dragon tattoo or a Jade dragon tattoo, they are one of the most revered creatures in Asian culture. Dragons represent wisdom, prosperity, good fortune, and strength.

Significance of the tattoo

So, the significance of both tattoos for the “Follow the Leader” album could be that Jennifer Lopez aspires to be the world’s leader, which is why she has engraved the word leader or something that represents leadership in various cultures around the world.

3. The Dolphin tattoo on the shoulder

J Lo was also photographed with a dolphin tattoo on her shoulder. Many ancient cultures regard dolphins as the “king of the fishes.” Dolphin meaning is associated with kingly, regal characteristics. But not the dominant kind! If we observe a dolphin for an extended period of time, we can conclude that if dolphins were to rule, they would be gracious in their reign. Grace is the central theme of dolphin meaning. Jennifer Lopez’s tattoo has to be the cutest ever.

Dolphin tattoos convey the wearer’s sense of playfulness, as dolphins are known for their playfulness, joy, and freedom. Dolphins represented God-like intelligence in ancient Greece and were associated with the powerful god Apollo. Dolphin tattoos will convey higher thought and an illuminated life because Apollo is a deity who represents light. There are also references to the dolphin’s association with Poseidon.

Dolphins were dubbed the “King of the Seas” by the Greeks, and this moniker applies to dolphins yet again.

Dolphins are revered as a protective symbol in pirate folklore. Indeed, legend admits that dolphin sightings were frequently exaggerated into fantastic mermaid fantasies. Cryptozoologists are still investigating the veracity of these claims. What is true is that numerous stories of dolphins interacting with humans in friendly, even protective ways color dolphins in hues of compassionate, caring, and generous spirit; these humble the regal qualities.

Jennifer Lopez basically uses tattoos to express her love for power, not dominating power, but as a philanthropic leader.

4. The Bat tattoo on her back

Jennifer had previously tattooed a circle of bats around a wheel-like design on her back.

Many of the symbolic meanings of bats, such as death and vampirism, are based on fear. They represent womanhood, happiness, luck, and good fortune in countries such as Greece and China. Native Americans have always regarded all animals with reverence, believing that everything is interconnected. Bats are regarded as symbols of intuition, dream, and vision because they are highly sensitive to their surroundings.

It represents the ability to see past illusions to the truth. Because bats are highly social, it is also a communication symbol. They are also related by blood. They are caring, touching, and thoughtful of their peers.

Significance of the tattoo:

Because it lives in the Earth’s belly, the caves, the bat is a symbol of rebirth and depth. A bat tattoo indicates that the person is extremely aware of his surroundings. Perhaps she is overly sensitive to the feelings of others.

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5. The Heart tattoo

Lopez has been in relationships with several successful men, including Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs in 1999. During that time, she’d pierced a heart tattoo with Puff Daddy written in the center. J Lo had it removed, as expected, after the breakup.

The most common type of tattoo that is done all over the world is a heart. Of course, it is used to express love for someone special in one’s life. Don’t try to replicate J Lo’s heart tattoo exactly, but you can always have your partner’s name engraved somewhere on you. You don’t need a celebrity idol to help you with this.

J Lo fans can replicate any of these tattoos or simply get a tattoo of her on any part of their body. Jennifer Lopez‘s tattoos show that she admires leadership and regal qualities, but also grace, intelligence, enlightening thoughts, empathy, generosity, and light playfulness, and she wishes to embody all of these qualities in her life.

Ben Affleck back tattoo

Ben Affleck back tattoo

Lopez embraces her femininity while yearning for power to rule over her fandom with her voice and other talents.

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