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Beyonce Renaissance Tracklist, Album Cover and Number Of Songs On The Album

The “Renaissance” album by Beyoncé is now available.

Beyoncé’s seventh studio album, “Renaissance,” is also her first solo release in six years. Beyoncé has already made the internet go crazy twice since announcing the album on June 16: once when she released the single “Break My Soul” (and the acapella version) on June 20, and once when she unveiled the album cover art.

Singer Beyonce

Singer Beyonce

The internet was prepared to crash once more as Beyoncé revealed the names of each of the 16 songs on “Renaissance” on her Instagram story on July 20.

Issa Rae shared her response on Instagram when the tracklist was made public. “I just noticed the first one, “I’m that girl,” and I knew it was true. is started to a good start. Can’t wait to see what happens next. It already is accurate. We all love her, and I adore it “stated Rae. “We appreciate your blessing us,”

16 tracks make up “Renaissance Act 1,” which Beyoncé refers to in an open letter as the first act in a “three act endeavor.”

She wrote to her followers, “I hope you find delight in this song.” “I’m hoping that motivates you to let go of the jiggle. Ha! And to feel as special, powerful, and alluring as you are.”

Beyonce Renaissance Tracklist

1. “I’m That Girl”
2. “Cozy”
3. “Alien Superstar”
4. “Cuff It”
5. “Energy”
6. “Break My Soul”
7. “Church Girl”
8. “Plastic Off the Sofa”
9. “Virgo’s Groove”
10. “Move”
11. “Heated”
12. “Thique”
13. “All Up in Your Mind”
14. “America Has a Problem”
15. “Pure/Honey”
16. “Summer Renaissance”

Everything to Know About Beyoncé’s Renaissance Album

Beyonce on blue dress

Beyonce on blue dress

Beyoncé gave us a preview of what’s to come with the release of the album’s lead single, “Break My Soul,” on June 20. However, fans were able to listen to the entire album — and learn more about what’s to come — on July 29.

Here is all there is to know about Beyoncé’s Renaissance, from the release date to the collaborations.

What is the cover art for Beyoncé’s Renaissance album?

Beyonce Renaissance Album Cover

Beyonce Renaissance Album Cover

On June 30, Beyoncé revealed the cover art for her album on Instagram, which features a jewel-draped Beyoncé sitting atop a silver horse. The singer featured on the cover of British Vogue’s July 2022 issue wearing an elaborate headdress and a matching black outfit, which appeared to be a preview for the cover image.

How many songs are on Beyoncé’s Renaissance album?

The singer officially unveiled the album’s tracklist, which consists of 16 tracks in all, on July 20. Along with “Break My Soul,” other songs on the album include “I’m That Girl,” “Alien Superstar,” “Virgo’s Groove,” “Thique,” and “America Has a Problem.” The album is also available in four different box sets, each of which comes with a CD, T-shirt, mini-poster, and 28 pages of photos.

Will there be any collaborations on Beyoncé’s Renaissance album?

On Beyoncé’s CD, you can hear a few well-known faces. According to Apple Music’s songwriting credits, contributors include Drake, JAY-Z, Pharrell Williams, The-Dream, Raphael Saadiq, and a number of others.

According to Variety, the CD also includes snippets from songs by Giorgio Moroder, Donna Summer, and James Brown. The singer’s debut single, “Break My Soul,” also features snippets of Big Freedia’s “Explode” and Robin S’s 1993 hit, “Show Me Love.”

What is the genre of Beyoncé’s Renaissance album?

Beyonce sticking out her tongue

Beyonce sticking out her tongue

Variety claims that the album is a mash-up of many genres because it contains “both dance and country-leaning compositions.”

In 2021, Beyoncé teased the album on the cover of Harper’s BAZAAR’s September Icon issue, which was notable for including a picture of the singer dressed in a black cape and a cowboy hat.

She told the journal, “I think we are all ready to escape, travel, fall in love, and laugh again after all the isolation and unfairness of the previous year. “I see a renaissance emerging, and I want to help nurture that escape in any way I can,” the speaker said.

She went on to say of the recording process, “Sometimes it takes a year for me to personally dig through thousands of sounds to get just the right kick or snare. There can be 200 stacked harmonies in a single chorus.

Will there be multiple parts to Beyoncé’s Renaissance album?

Fans speculated that Renaissance would be released in parts after the album’s official announcement because Columbia Records’ post had “act I next to the album’s title.

It’s important to note that Beyoncé used three different covers for her 2021 Harper’s BAZAAR issue, which served as her first official album teaser.

The speculations were supported by the album’s release on July 29. In fact, the singer noted that Renaissance is a “three-act project” in a message she posted to her website the night before the release. She added that the pandemic-related three-year creative process for the album took place.

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When was ‘act i’ of Beyoncé’s Renaissance album released?

Beyoncé’s Renaissance “act I dropped at midnight on July 29 despite the album having been leaked about 36 hours prior to its official release. She shared a note with fans thanking them for holding out until that time to listen to the album.

The singer posted on Instagram in a handwritten note, “So, the album leaked, and you all actually waited till the proper release time so you can all enjoy it together.” I respect the way you called out anyone trying to enter the club early. I will continue to give it my all and do my hardest to make you happy, she added.

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