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Billie Eilish Reveals She Is “Happier Than Ever” In a New Video

Billie Ellish have a reputation of making sad songs, her fans end up confessing how Billie songs made them cry out real tears, they say she have a beautiful voice and content delivery that is aimed at getting them emotional at the end of the day make them cry from the bottom of their heart, one of her fans said she no longer listen to Billie because of how emotional she gets whenever she listens to any of her song.

This means it’s actually rare for her to come out and say she is happy but just some moment ago she posted a video and captioned it “happier than ever” this means she is actually happy in real life but in this situation she feels more happy than ever.

A fan of Billie Eilish said this “Jungkook and Billie Eilish are two of the voices that instantly move my emotions the second I hear them like they overwhelm me so much with their incredible vocals and emotion I just can’t help but cry when I listen to them ugh if those two collabed I will literally evaporate” when reading that you will understand it’s coming from the heart of the person writing it and that shows Billie is a king of her craft and knows exactly what she is doing.


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