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Bobby Shmurda Have A New Music On The Way With Jayz

Bobby Shmurda who the whole world have been expecting his release from prison, when he finally got released he went ahead to become the trending topic on social media platforms, he fans was so happy he is out of prison.

This is 7 years since he made a hit music, his fans have wait for him to release a new music and they must be happy to hear about his new music on the way with Jay-Z and other hot artist in hip hop music.


Some people may have lost his vibe and his whole music, he will go ahead to put out more and more hit to reclaim his paused fame and trend and also his new music will show if he is worth all the hype given to him by media and also show if he is talented and have the star power to keep making more music.

Watch video of his old music titled “hot n*gga”

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