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Bow Wow Responds After Lil Romeo Wished To Do A Versuz With Him

In an interview, Lil Romeo said he is open to a Versuz challenge with singer Bow wow, so many fans is of the opinion there is no way Bow Wow will lose unless he plays his underground music that didn’t blow up like the rest of his popular songs, Bow songs was played in the NBA game that proves how popular his music is

See below ;

Another fan hit Lil Romeo below the belt, he said he won’t last one round of the Versuz with Bow Wow so it’s better her looks another way;

Fans believe Lil Romeo don’t have enough hit when compared to Bow Wow, they said Lil Romeo only have ‘ICDC College’ as his only hit song, Lil Romeo won’t have any song to play in the Versuz, these critics from fans suggest Bow Wow Versuz with Lil Romeo won’t be an interesting one as it will be one sided and too predictable.



Later Bow Wow Made that post above, he didn’t mention Lil Romeo’s name but he the tweet is obviously about him.


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