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Britney Spears Fans Support Her Nude Instagram Pictures

After Britney Spears shared her nude pictures on Instagram her Twitter fans showed support to her uncensored pictures.

Below are fans reaction to the Britney Spears Nude Instagram Pictures;

@@rudycrablejr supports Britney Spears because she is doing the same thing the likes of Kim Kardashian did “So Kim Kardashian can do this but Britney Spears can’t? And you all wanna call her crazy when she is doing the same thing all the other girls are doing? Make it make sense”

@UtterlyVapid wants Britney Spears free and happy “I said it in 2019 and I’ll say it again: Britney Spears being free means she’s free to be the person she wants to be, even if it makes you uncomfortable or unhappy.”

@thegates0fmel said is happy Britney Spears is freed “The most interesting thing about Britney Spears being freed from conservatorship is that now the internet considers itself her conservator.”

@OhNoSheTwitnt said “My opinion on Britney Spears is shut the fuck up about a grown woman’s choices.”

@nordacious said “Let Britney Spears, who had her body, autonomy, and human rights controlled and violated for over 14 years post as many ~racy~ pictures as she damn well pleases”

What is your opinion on the leaked Britney Spears Nude pictures, drop them below

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