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Cardi B Joins Baby Shark as “Sharki B” on the April 15th episode

Cardi B joins Baby Shark as “Sharki B” on the April 15th episode.

Cardi B will guest star as “Sharki B” in an upcoming episode of ‘BABY SHARK’S BIG SHOW’ alongside her husband Offset and daughter Kulture.

Cardi will voice the role of Sharki B, described as the “biggest star in the seven seas—flashy, awe-inspiring, and ruthlessly fun—but always 100% herself.”

The special premieres April 15 on Nickelodeon, watch Cardi B video below ;

@Ms_Makaveli973 expressed her excitement about Cardi B shark show, she said “I feel like I’m more excited than the kids for this Cardi B Baby Shark thing

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