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Cardi B’s Doctor To Testify How Tasha K. Drove Rapper Into A Deep Depression

Cardi B claims that vlogger Tasha K’s heinous lies led her to seek treatment.

Tasha is being sued by Cardi B for allegedly lying on her YouTube account unWinewithTashaK. Tasha K said on September 19th, 2018, that the Bronx rap artist was a cocaine addict and herpes prostitute.

Other posts have been declared. Cardi B had HPV, was an unfaithful cheater on her spouse Offset, and was seen doing a degrading deed with a beer bottle.

Cardi’s legal team issued a cease and desist letter demanding that the video be removed, but Tasha K. ignored the request as the video racked up millions of views.

Cardi B intends to bring Dr. Sherry L. Blake to testify on her behalf at the trial in November. Cardi B received therapeutic coaching from Dr. Blake in November 2018 and November 2020.

Due to Tasha K’s persistent personal attacks, Cardi B stated she was ashamed, stressed, and humiliated during the sessions.

Cardi admitted that she couldn’t sleep at times and slept excessively at others. In addition, the rapper experienced a loss of appetite, anxiety, and interest in activities, including working.

Following Tasha K’s insulting words, Dr. Blake will testify that Cardi experienced emotions of hopelessness and powerlessness, as well as emotional discomfort, melancholy, and anxiety.

Based on Cardi’s medical records, she plans to bring Dr. Tamara Grisales of UCLA’s Center for Women’s Pelvic Health to testify on her behalf.

Tasha K denies ever targeting Cardi B with her platform. She argues that she chooses which tales to publish based on current events.

Tasha K claims she never made up lies about Cardi B and that the “WAP” singer has admitted to the majority of the stories she now considers false and defamatory.

In her legal battle with Tasha K, Cardi B has already won round one.

Tasha K’s $3 million countersuit against Cardi B, in which she claimed the rapper’s friends intimidated her when she was pregnant, forcing her to flee her Georgia home, was dismissed by a judge in July 2021.

The trial’s jury selection will begin on November 8th, 2021, at 9:00 a.m. in Atlanta.

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