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Chadwick Boseman Wins The MTV Best Performance In a Movie Award

Chadwick Boseman Wins the MTV best performance in a movie award, although he didn’t win Oscar some weeks ago but MTV found him worthy of award that’s a great achievement for the late Chadwick Boseman who died of cancer disease, he won the award for his role  on the movie Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.


It’s beautiful that Chadwick Boseman still continues to win awards even after his passing, His filmography embodies hardwork and creativity, this will make it his 4th MTV award which means he didn’t get it out of sympathy it’s strictly well deserved, His legacy lives on through these ways.

Fans Of Chadwick Boseman appreciates his achievements, this is 5 years since he made his first appearance on black Panther movie which made him more famous than any of his movies, but it’s good to see other movie he did win him awards, this means he’s been making great movies before black panther.

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