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Dababy Girlfriends 2022: Is Dababy and B Simeone Still Together

Dababy’s Girlfriend.

According to the info we have, DaBaby has had three girlfriends in the last few years, at the very least. Not all specifics on Jonathan’s prior unions, partners, and splits are revealed. We may not be aware of some facts because of how secretive celebrities are when it comes to releasing certain things.

Dababy, B Simone and DaniLeigh

Dababy, B Simone and DaniLeigh

Finding out who DaBaby is currently seeing is typically simple, but keeping track of all his hookups and breakups may be challenging. Certain things might be more widely known than others, particularly when the media is included.

Dababy’s Girlfriend right now 2022.

DaBaby doesn’t have a girlfriend right now in 2022.

All dating histories have undergone fact-checking and user confirmation. Our dating statistics and bios are reliable since we use information that is readily accessible to the general public.

Three Girlfriends

He had at least three girlfriends in the past. DaBaby hasn’t been married before. We are currently seeking more details about the earlier dates and hookups.

Online dating history speculations about DaBabys can be confusing. Finding out who is dating DaBaby is quite easy, but regular monitoring of all of his hookups, flings, and breakups is more difficult. Maintaining the most recent versions of all celebrity dating profiles and relationship timelines is considerably harder.

Does Dababy have a girlfriend?

Dababy and Danileigh together

Dababy and Danileigh

Dababy currently has no girlfriend. However, one would be correct if it is said that he has had girlfriends.

Is Dababy Single?

Dababy is single, at the moment.

Dababy, a 30-year-old rapper from the United States, is revealed to be currently single. Regarding his romantic relationships, DaBaby maintains a largely quiet profile.

Check back frequently as we’ll keep this page updated with the latest dating news and speculations. DaBaby, like most famous people, strives to keep his private and romantic life discreet.

Dababy Girlfriend – Simeone.

Dababy and B Simone

Dababy and B Simone

After the comedian brought a cutout of DaBaby to a Halloween party where she was dressed as a bride, dating rumors between DaBaby and his ex-girlfriend, B. Simone, started to circulate in 2019. B. Simone was subsequently invited by the rapper to play the lead role in his “Find My Way” music video. Despite B. Simone’s denials, it appears that DaniLeigh wasn’t persuaded.

DaBaby Performance on Wild and Out;

Dababy and B Simeone – are they still together?

Dababy and B.Simeone are currently not together.

B.Simone and Dababy initially ignited relationship speculations in 2020 after she appeared in his “Find My Way” music video. The Wild N’ Out star attended a Halloween party costumed as a bride and carrying a cut-out board image of DaBaby only one year earlier. Although this occurred before DaniLeigh made their relationship known to the public, the singer still didn’t like having B. Simone was on the set while trying to film the MTV show at the time.

According to a source, Dani told executive producers that she thought her daughter’s father and B. Simone were having a relationship before filming started, and they eventually made the major decision. DaniLeigh, however, responded with a simple “LOL [laughing emoji]” to the accusations.

B. Simone’s Wild N’ Out cast members Jess Hilarious and Pretty Vee quickly joined the conversation to support the comedian. “Weak sh** doesn’t care”, said Jess. Vee said, “No shade but this back & both are mad ancient. Thebsimone, my sister, is going about her business”.

Dababy’s Girlfriend ‘Wild and Out’.

Early in 2020, rumors of a relationship between DaBaby and B. Simone began to circulate after she made an appearance in the music video for his single “Find My Way.”

Although B. Simone had previously been quite open about her crush on the rapper, whose true name is Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, it’s believed the two never engaged in a romantic relationship.

As fans noticed their connection when DaBaby and Simone appeared on “Wild ‘n Out,” rumors did resurface, but it is still believed that the two are merely pals.

Moreso, B. Simone, one of the stars of Wild ‘N Out, has confirmed rumors that singer DaniLeigh got booted from an episode of the popular MTV program. The “Easy” singer allegedly denied meeting her ex, rapper DaBaby, while they were still dating, leading Hollywood Unlocked to be the first to break the story.

Are Dababy and Dani still together?

Sources reveal that Dababy and Dani are not back together.

We are all aware of the explosive dynamics in the relationship between rapper DaBaby and singer DaniLeigh, the father of her child. Since the beginning of their relationship in 2020, the two have experienced their due bit of drama, from working together to dating. Although there is a lot to unpack about their past, DaBaby’s most recent barb at the 27-year-old is what has us most worried.

Radio Interview

Danileigh sat down with radio host Angie Martinez for her first interview after the Instagram Live event, in which she discussed her most trying times in recent years. She candidly discusses the abuse she endured throughout her relationship with DaBaby in the interview. When she voiced her opinions during the turbulent Instagram live, DaBaby referred to her as a “certified side b****h.”

Even though DaniLeigh and DaBaby are only co-parents at the moment, the new mother is nonetheless fiercely protective of her ex. The troubled couple gained notoriety last year after fighting on Instagram Live as the 26-year-old singer-songwriter was tending to their 3-month-old kid. After a fight in a bowling alley and a few doctor’s visits, they both appear to be coping well with co-parenting.

The “Take It Easy” singer is still sensitive about her relationship with the North Carolina rapper even though they are no longer together. She supposedly excluded B. Simone from a recent episode of Wild N’ Out because of the comedienne’s well-known fondness for DaBaby.

Dababy girlfriend list.


Though they are no longer together, DaBaby and his ex-girlfriend MeMe are still friends because they first met through mutual friends years ago.

The rapper and barber MeMe have a daughter together, and MeMe has called him a “wonderful” parent. MeMe, nonetheless, has frequently found herself at the center of controversy with DaniLeigh, DaBaby’s ex-girlfriend.

MeMe and DaniLeigh got into a fight online when Dani and DaBaby started dating in March 2020. MeMe referred to DaniLeigh as “obsessed” and claimed that she had blocked her while the two engaged in a series of shady sub-tweets.

Later that year, amid accusations that she had interfered with MeMe and DaBaby’s relationship—which she denied—Dani was labeled a “homewrecker” and called a “homewrecker.”


In March 2020, DaBaby and American singer DaniLeigh were first associated after the rapper appeared in the latter’s music video for their joint single, “Levi High.” The two refuted the rumors, but after being seen at the same West Hollywood hotel while under quarantine, they were once more linked.

Meme and DaniLeigh Argument

Around this time, things became complicated when MeMe, the mother of DaBaby’s child, and DaniLeigh engaged in an online argument. MeMe referred to DaniLeigh as “obsessed” and claimed that she had blocked her while the two engaged in a series of shady sub-tweets.

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DaBaby and Danileigh Dating

A few months later, before they were seen holding hands in public, Danileigh posted a picture of herself in bed with a man who seemed to be DaBaby.

Although Danileigh never formally admitted that she and DaBaby were dating, Meme made the information public on social media. Interactions between DaBaby and DaniLeigh in several since-deleted screenshots showed that they were certainly romantically linked. The singer allegedly claimed that she never had a relationship with the rapper, which is when everything came to the fore.

The fact that the rapper appeared to be switching between the women only made matters worse.

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