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DJ Khaled Celebrates And Encourage Fans To Stream ‘Khaled Khaled’ The Number 1 Album In USA

DJ Khaled rides around in his car while listening to one of the songs on his album,  he celebrates his album ‘Khaled Khaled’ which is the number one album in the country, in the video he expressed happiness on the success of his album, you can see the happiness written all over his face as he recites and vibes to of one of the song on his album.


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Just yesterday we saw Khaled crying when his album became the number one in the country, today he reacts different by riding around in his hot car playing a song from his album, he told his fans to keep streaming it so it will last long as the number one album in country.

If you are a fan of rap music or you’ve gone through the track list of the album, you will see the hot stars and features on this album and almost every one of them have history of their albums becoming the number one album in the country, let’s say Nas who won the grammy for the best rap album, his album ‘Kings disease’ was the number one album in US the same week it was released, so with the above analysis you will realize Khaled Khaled as the number one album in the country is not a surprise, congratulations Khaled on your success.

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