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DJ Khaled Receives A 1969 Bottle Of Drink From Jay-Z

Just this morning DJ Khaled receives a 1969 Dussec drink gift from Jay-Z, the gift is package in a shaped bottle that looks expensive on it’s own, Khaled made a video of it and posted it on Instagram with the caption “Thank you JAY Z” he thanked Jay-Z in the video and praised him on the package the drink came with, he said Jay-Z is a man of style.


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This gift came days after Jay-Z was seen rocking a black suit with Khaled, the two share a long experience and history in music business, Jay-Z appears on almost all Khaled album and  he is also featured on singles too, Jay-Z is featured on most of DJ Khaled top streamed song.


DJ Khaled appreciation message is sure from the heart as well as Jay-Z’s gift to Khaled is something that came from the heart, hip hop fans know the long history behind Jay-Z and Nas, how hard it is for them to appear on same track but Khaled made it possible and even have a  video for the track they made together, this is a great and memorable moment for fans of both rappers and am sure Jay-Z and Nas feels the same way, all thanks goes to DJ Khaled for making the moves involved and the same goes for Nas and Jay-Z for putting all differences aside.

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