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DJ Khaled Receives Backlash From Fans After He Prayed For Palestine

DJ Khaled posted a prayer for Palestine people involved in the war going on with Israel, DJ Khaled said he made the post 4 days ago but now he is reposting it in his words he said “☝?I’m reposting my self that I posted 4 days ago , please for our babies and children the youth and families .we need Peace and love to my people Palestine ?? and we need peace and love to everyone , and everyone worldwide we need love and peace worldwide to everyone ?


Sending love prayers to ?? and sending love and prayers to the world ? to everyone ??”.


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Some fans reacted positively to his concern and prayers towards the war in Palestine while others was against DJ Khaled, they said he is only posting it because he is forced to do it, DJ Khaled posted it and removed it after it got reaction this seem to be the reason why most of them are displeased.


Tweets like that one above is example of a fan being displeased over DJ Khaled’s Silence. Just right now DJ Khaled just turns off the comment section to avoid further comments against him.

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