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Drake And Chris Brown Memes After Rihanna’s Pregnancy Announcement

Drake, Rihanna and Chris Brown fans are fighting memes battle all over Twitter after Rihanna announced her pregnancy and ASAP Rocky Is responsible for it.

Fans express there pain that neither Drake and ASAP Rocky could get Rihanna pregnant despite the long relationship both individuals had with Rihanna.

Fans of Drake and Chris Brown expected them to get Rihanna pregnant during the time they were dating her.

Below are series of Drake, Chris Brown and Rihanna pregnancy memes to make you laugh;

@swiftxosinner said “Everyone: Rihanna is pregnant!!
Drake on the phone with Riri:“ I know our relationship was Rocky but you moved on ASAP”😩

@Nujoma_na said “All these pregnant emojis but Drake still couldn’t get Rihanna pregnant.Loudly crying face”

@Enzo24Miguel said “Drake seeing Rihanna pregnant from A$ap”

Drake is somewhere in the studio recording “Yeeaaahh She was the love of my life, thought she’d be my wife….. my love is stagnant even tho she’s pregnant

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