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Fans Believe Dave Chappelle Reaction Would Have Been Different From Chris Rock Reaction to Will Smith Slap

Fans of Dave Chappelle fans on Twitter thinks his reaction would have been different from Chris Rocks’ if he was the one that got slapped by Will Smith.

Dave Chappelle fans believes Dave Chappelle would have made uninterrupted jokes about Will Smiths Wife Jada the whole night at the Oscars.

@StarkTTT said “If Will Smith had done that to Dave Chappelle, Chappelle would be into his third uninterrupted hour of Jada jokes”

@s8c is expecting Dave Chappelle reaction Towards Will Smith Slap To Chris Rock “Looking forward to the new Dave Chappelle show where he calls Will Smith a #cuck for 1 hour”

@TheBriDen predicts Dave Chappelle reaction towards Will Smith Assault “I’m not sure Dave Chappelle would have hit Will Smith back but he would have stayed on that stage and roasted Will Smith and his wife until they leave the Oscars and never return”

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