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Fans Compare Jack Harlow And Lil Dicky Career Accomplishment So Far

A fan on Twitter had to start the Lil Dicky and Jack Harlow comparison, they compared both artiste career accomplishments this led to fan base of both of artiste to collide with arguments and tweets.

@JrMoneyGetting said Jack Harlow is having the fame and career Lil Dicky wanted “jack harlow havin the career lil dicky thought he was gonna have”.

@ken_chinaza believes Lil Dicky will outrap Jack Harlow in a rap battle “Let’s be clear tho lil dicky would wash jack harlow”.

@afrodope believes “Lil Dicky can do everything Jack Harlow does. Jack Harlow can’t do what Lil Dicky does”.

@smonkerino believes Lil Dicky last hit song was “Professional Rapper” which was 7 years ago and is enough reason why Jack Harlow is better than him.

What’s your opinion on both Jack Harlow and Lil Dicky careers, who is better than each other?

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