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Fans Think DaBaby Side View and Head Is “Shaped Like A PT Cruiser” DaBaby Responds

DaBaby didn’t take softly to the funny banter of his followers in the meantime.

The pressure seemed to have been ignited as he quickly logged online on Instagram to file a serious caution against those making fun of him.

Sadly, PSA did not show accountability for open spaces that were unattended to Social media.

How it all Started

On March 24th, 2019, in Canadian Interviews, a video was put up by Nardwuar titled “Nardwuar vsDaBaby” on YouTube. When it was in the 6th minute of the video, DaBaby’s head in its profile view emerged…

A time before April 10th, 2019a, an unrecognized individual evaluated DaBaby’s head and PT Cruiser.

As of April 10th and 19th, some Twitter Users, by name @Fiddlestecks and @los-draco made a funny tweets, mentioning the comparison of the singer.

As of May 29th,2019, a Twitter user, by name,@ kitchcool uploaded a popular tweet, which contains a picture of DaBaby’s head and a PT Cruiser…

The upload received over 7,600 retweets and 26,000 likes in two years.

Let’s see the image below.

DaBaby Side view and PT Cruiser

DaBaby Side view and PT Cruiser

Below are Series of tweets about DaBaby Side view and PT Cruiser head ;

@Have_MURcy said “I agree, I hate Dababy but I’m forced to think about him everyday because my neighbor drives a PT Cruiser”.

DaBaby has become the hottest rapper in the United States in the last year. He’s released two great albums, the most recent of which, Kirk (full name Jonathan Lyndale Kirk), debuted at No. 1 in September. Suge, Bop, Intro, and his assist on Post Malone’s Enemies are all in the Top 10, with the largest, Suge, up for two Grammys this month.

Another 18 tracks, including duets with Nicki Minaj, Chance the Rapper, Migos, and J Cole, topped the charts.

Not bad for a rookie rapper from a mid-sized US city with no prior renowned hip-hop scene, who was recently seen roaming around the SXSW festival in an adult nappy demanding attention (under his old alias, Baby Jesus.

If DaBaby isn’t the best rapper alive, he’s certainly up there.

Below are Series of tweets about DaBaby Side view and PT Cruiser head ;

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