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Fans React After Diddy Made Yung Miami And Gina Huynh To Fight On Social Media

Rapper Yung Miami and model Gina Huynh trade words on social media after Huynh shared a photo with Diddy on Instagram, fans reacts to it.

Below are fans reaction to Yung Miami fighting Gina Huynh over a photo she shared with Diddy on Instagram story;

@itsKenBarbie said “Cassie crawled so the girls could run and y’all are still fighting over Diddy”

@BRIMAFIA believes Diddy is worth the fight by the two ladies since he is a billionaire, she said “Atleast diddy a billionaire I seen bitches beef over a nigga who drive they car to the side bitch house and is homeless so”

@WizMonifaaa doesn’t believe Diddy is not attracted to Gina Huynh and Yung Miami fighting over her rather he is attracted to fellow men, in her words she said “They really fighting over Diddy! He probably Sharing the screenshots w his boyfriend!”

@itsKARY_ replied @YungMiami305 where she said” Ian arguing with no bitch that got cheap ass lint ball carpet in they house fucking on a billionaire! You freaky ass bitch!” he replied @YungMiami305 telling her” Diddy told you about that lady’s carpet?! Lmfao messy” believes Diddy shouldn’t have told the girls about his Red carpet.

@LowKeyUHTN believes Diddy is enjoying all the drama caused by Yung Miami and Gina Huynh “Diddy somewhere dancing through all this shit screaming “ITS ALL LOOOOOVE””

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