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Fans React To New Released Future Album “I Never Liked You”

Future Hendrix just released his latest album “I Never Liked You” today as he promised fans weeks Ago, below are first impression of the album.

Future fans on Twitter shared their opinion on what they think about the album, they had negative and positive comments about the album.

@RoyNemer gave his opinion on a song titled “I’m one” on the album which featured Drake, he said “Drake mentioning Lionel Messi in the “I’m on one” song with Future: “I’m just all about my goals like I’m Messi.”.

@HndrxxTheWizrrd who is obviously a Future fan judging by his name and profile Picture, he gave his review on the album “Hey, Future just dropped his new album and it reminded me of us. I never actually saw a future with you since I Never Liked You. Anyways hope all is well”.

@itsallpainhere said his favorite song on The new future album is ” Wait for U” “decided to listen to futures new album while baked but ‘wait for u’ ft drake & tems got me in tears”.

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