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Fans Reaction to Doja Cat All Red Outfit in Paris Week and Eye Lashes

Doja Cat recently posted a picture of her on red dress which had a whole body painted and red clothes. Her look for Paris Fashion Week took four hours to make and 30,000 Swarovski crystals.

“A few days ago I did Schiaparelli and people were saying that I didn’t have lashes and that they’re disappointed I didn’t have on lashes. Yet I worked with one of the greatest makeup artists of all time, Pat McGrath. So today I gave them lashes” Doja Cat on her lashes look

Fans had a lot to say about as usual ; below are fans reaction to the dress


@aliyahInterlude said “Doja Cat just be doin shit, she just like me” she implies she loves the recent fashion taste of of Doja Cat and wouldn’t mind doing the same thing if she was in Doja’s position.

@bbymutha said “i love doja i havent enjoyed seeing ppl dress up like this since gaga. warms my heart to see women be able to express themselves in such extreme ways. we always have to be polished and pretty like bitch what if i wanna be scary lol”.

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x angel said “People can hate all they want, i genuinely love her mindset / attitude / approach to things. She outvibes all u haterades”

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