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Fans Reaction To Jack Harlow New Album “Come Home Kids”

Fans reacts to Jack Harlow just released his second studio album “Come Home Kids” on May 16, 2022 which is a 15 tracks album that featured veterans like Pharrell Williams, Drake, Justin Timberlake, and Lil Wayne.

Jack Harlow fans and hip hop fans had negative and positive things to say about the new Jack Harlow album, see them below;

@HipHopNumbers2 said the album have what he described as “Tinder profile vibes” he didn’t have much appreciate of the album “LMAO this Jack Harlow album is cartoonishly bad Tinder profile vibes”.

โ€” HipHopNumbers Plus

@MeamdaPanda said and I quote “OMG This Jack Harlow album is ASS” that’s his opinion on Jack Harlow album you can drop your own via comment section.

@FABIOTHEEBARB is happy Jack Harlow mentioned Nicki Minaj in his lyrics on the album “Jack Harlow mentions Nicki Minaj on his new song Young Harleez: โ€œWord to Nicki, all I got is sons”

@ramblingdumbass praised the producer who the ‘Poison’ track by Jack Harlow and Lil Wayne.


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