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Fans Reacts To Amber heard Getting Replaced On Aquaman

Amber Heard was nearly replaced in the Aquaman and Justice League franchise not because of  her abuse allegations against Johnny Depp. Rather, DC Films president Walter Hamada said Heard was almost dropped from the film because of chemistry between her and co-star Jason Momoa.

Fans on Twitter had things to say about the situation ;

@Crazedbeautyy said she is only a fan of Jason Momoa in the Aquaman movie and not Amber Heard “One of the ONLY reasons I watched Aquaman was because of Jason Mamoa.

I didn’t even know that it was Amber Heard playing the character Mera until now…if they would have replaced her, I wouldn’t have even noticed”

@MorganS79743910 Said Jason Momoa cannot be replaced but Amber Heard can easily be replaced “Jason Momoa cannot be replaced as Aquaman but Amber Heard can be replaced as Mera. People would care if Jason got cut but not Amber. He is the bigger star. There is no comparison”

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