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Fans Reacts To Amber Heard Plea To Johnny Depp In The Defamation Case

Fans Reacts after Amber Heard used her final few moments on the stand, before final Verdict to issue a plea against the ‘smear campaign’ that’s been launched.

The plea has been issued in a pre-recorded conversation recorded back in 2016 and has gone viral since the closing arguments.

In it, the Aquaman star was heard saying, “I’m being called a liar and a gold-digger.”

“I’m not lying about any of this [expletive] and I’m not after any of your money,” she even added at the time.

“I was trying to get Johnny to stop the smear campaign that he launched, Johnny told me that he would ruin me. That no one would ever touch me – professionally that no one would ever work with me again. That I would never work again. That he would ruin my career.”

Before concluding she claimed, “He was calling me a liar and he was forcing me to prove it and I knew that wasn’t going to be good for him and I kept saying don’t make me prove it… but he was calling me a liar.”

Source : Geo TV

Below Are fans Reaction to The Amber Heard Plea To Johnny Depp.

@DrJessTaylor said she is concerned about Amber Heard in the situation with Johnny Depp “I genuinely worry for the safety and well-being of Amber Heard. We have never had a globally broadcast domestic abuse disclosure whilst the world watched, laughed & mocked.

I wonder who will take responsibility if something happens to her. I wonder who will care.


@ellisgreg said he doesn’t believe Amber Heard Plea after what he did To Johnny Depp ““I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt him. I didn’t do it on purpose.”

– Amber Heard after severing Johnny Depp’s finger with a vodka bottle.

Even with mountains of evidence she continues to lie about the incident on the witness stand.

This level of psychopathy knows no b ounds.

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