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Fans Reacts To Drake Honestly, Nevermind Album That Just Got Released

Canadian rapper Drake dropped a 7th studio album Honestly, Nevermind after a surprise announcement.

Drake new album have reached number on USA ITunes and also occupied the entire top 10 on USA Apple music singles charts.

fans reacted to the album and revealed what they think about it;

@_Jitendra_Rao said Drake album is decent and will not subscribe to the hate train that may come along with Drake’s new album, he said “Me thinkin this Drake album lowkey decent while everybody on twitter talkin bout how terrible it is 🫣#Honestly Nevermind”

Drake Honestly Nevermind Album

@turabhn compared new Chris Brown song with new Drake album and thinks Chris Brown is better, he said “Chris Brown’s new riddim with WizKid is better than the whole Drake album. Fight me.”

Drake Honestly Nevermind Album

@fiyodaboy expressed his love for new Drake album and said people who don’t like the album now will like it later “I like the fact that Drake is doing something new and odd. I’m not surprised that he’s facing a lot of criticism for being different.

I feel like this album is gonna grow on a lot of people sooner or later. #HonestlyNevermind”

Drake Honestly Nevermind Album

@Jabu_Macdonald appreciates Black Coffees production on the new Drake album, he said “Appreciation to Black Coffee for producing some of the songs on Drake’s new album. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ™πŸ½”.

Drake Honestly Nevermind Album

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