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Fans Reacts To Greta Thunberg Getting Arrested In Germany Weeks After Twitter Beef With Andrew Tate

Activist Greta Thunberg Popular climate activist has been detained in Germany at a coal mine protest this happened weeks after the heated beef with her and Andrew Tate that got his location exposed leading to his arrest.

Fans on social media had a lot to say about Greta Thunberg’s detention as you expect them it was controversial.

@Blooperly_ said ” Greta Thunberg getting arrested on purpose so she can go beat Andrew Tate’s ass in jail (2023)”  how funny is that he believes her arrest is on purpose.

Tim Young Said “Nothing says climate change is a total grift quite like Greta Thunberg staging her own fake arrest.” he is one of those who believes is still fake.

@LayahHeilpern said “I actually feel really sorry for Greta Thunberg. Her parents should be in jail for child abuse. I’m somewhat well known and don’t really like it. Imagine being a child and having the entire world know you and hate you. Traumatising.” felt sorry for Greta had to grow up as a child.

@_Hiyinx   Said” Greta “idgaf” Thunberg getting carried away by cops is one of my all time fave photos” She loves Greta’s attitude getting arrested.

@catturd2 said “Imagine what kind of gullible fool would believe the obviously fake, staged Greta Thunberg arrest in Germany? 😂” believes Greata’s arrest is all staged.

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What’s your reaction to this information and do you think she will be released soon?

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