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Fans Reacts To Johnny Depp Verdict In Trial With Amber Heard

Fans reacts after Johnny Depp’s team claimed Amber Heard gave the performance of her life on the witness stand, but they say she was caught in lie after lie.

Camille says Johnny had to sue because it was the only way to defend himself and expose Amber as an alleged liar.

Amber’s attorney, Ben Rottenborn, fired back when it was his turn to address the jury … bristling at Depp’s lawyers calling Heard untruthful.

Source: TMZ

Below are fans reactions to Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Case verdict ;

@bri1817 said Will Smith and Johnny Depp relationships with there spouse is the most toxic amongst celebrities “Will Smith and Johnny Depp tied for most toxic relationship 😭”

@andymilonakis said Amber Heard may want to get back with Johnny Depp after the case is over “Amber Heard seems like the type of girl that would call Johnny Depp after the lawsuit is over and see if he wants to get back together”

@catrussy said A female Johnny Depp fan who tattooed Johnny Depp lawyer on her body is weird “there’s a girl on tik tok who got a tattoo of johnny depp’s LAWYER and then you guys want me to believe his stans are unbiased😭that’s actually insane behavior”

@luhblix said Amber Heard just gathered haters to herself by suing her husband Johnny Depp who won the fans over “now that the johnny depp trial over i’d like to thank amber heard for bringing everyone together to hate on her”

@SamLutfi congratulated Amber Heard legal team “I would like to congratulate Amber Heard and her outstanding legal team for the great job they did in restoring Johnny Depp’s reputation”.

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