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Fans Review of Lil Yacthy’s New Album Let’s Start From Here

Fans of Rapper Lil Yacthy share there opinion and review on the newly released album Let’s Start Here as you expect there will be negative and positive feedback from fans but that doesn’t mean you won’t give it a chance and listen for yourself.

@marcywtf said “Lil Yatchy a goat for this masterpiece!!” he believes Yacthy can be listed on the greatest of all times lost for releasing such a classic and masterpiece of an album.

@EatinOnVeggies said “lil yatchy haters after listening to some of the most beautifully and deliberately constructed music to come in the past year”  he believes those who don’t like Yacthy have nothing on him this time.

@iimoooona said “First listen to Yatchy’s album while getting a massage. It sent me to a different universe 😩.” she describes the sweet feeling she got while listening to a Lil Yacthy album while getting a massage as the best.

@3ddy444 said “If you don’t fw the new yatchy album you got no taste whatsoever” he believes anyone who doesn’t like the album have poor music taste.

@King_Kovaly said “this yatchy album thé type of album, artist will be sampling for years to come” he believes future rappers and music will have sample of Yacthy’s new music.

@aw_mayowa said “words can’t express the way i feel right now. this album is a masterpiece, lil yatchy transfigured” the way the album makes him feel is something he can’t put to words because it’s so good.

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That’s all we gathered from fans Review of the 6 Track album.

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