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Fans Review Tory Lanez Alone At Prom Album

Tory Lanez Released an Alone At Prom album last year, currently fans think it’s the best album released last year.

Due to the controversies surrounding Tory Lanez career because of the Megan Thee Stallion situation, the album wasn’t talked about that much when it was released.

Fans Compare Alone at Prom to top albums like Dawn FM By the Weeknd, some Tory Lanez fans wants a vinyl of Alone At Prom album.

The good reviews from fans proves the album is good despite the bad image the media already gave Tory Lanez yet his work still receive love.

@didwhatican said “A friend of mine just told me Tory Lanez’s Alone At Prom is not given the attention it needs. That album is mized for no reason and everything is well executed”

Tory Lanez – Alone at Prom Album Lyrics And Tracklist

1. Enchanted Waterfall

2. Pink Dolphin Sunset (Ft. Tee)

3. Midnight’s Interlude

4. The Color Violet

5. Lavender Sunflower

6. Ballad of a Badman

7. Lady of Namek

8. Pluto’s Last Comet

9. ’87 Stingray

10. Hurt From Mercury (Ft. Nyce)

11. Last Kiss of Nebulon

Album:– Alone at Prom

Singer:– Tory Lanez

Featuring:– Nyce & Tee

Producer:– Bizness Boi, Blake Straus, boyband, Chaz Jackson, Foreign Teck, Fortune, Jet Stanley, Marcus Anderson, Orlando tha Great, Roark Bailey, Ryland Blackinton, SSJ Mike, Tropics & Vikaden

Written:– Chaz Jackson, Orlando tha Great, SSJ Mike, Tee, Tory Lanez, Vikaden & Yume


Label:– One Umbrella


Here is the Spotify link to Tory Lanez Alone At Prom album ;

Tory Lanez Alone At Prom album YouTube link :

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