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Fans Want 6Lack On J.Cole’s New Album

As J.Cole wants to release new music very soon, he informed his fans about the release but some fans don’t just want J Cole on the album they want other artist featured on it, this is only right as J.Cole is known for making successful albums with no features, considering that fans want J Cole to change his style this time.


Just as it was trending a fan asked who should be on J Coles new album then he got 6Lack as the reply, it got to the point that it became a trend on twitter, fans credited 6lack for his versatility they said he is a good R&B artist and can also do quite a good rap songs, this is similar to J Cole’s style of music which he is  known for splitting half the song on his album where he makes sings more than he raps, then the rest will be rap songs.

Fans actually credit 6lack for his catalogue filled with good song that can hardly be skipped, this is a rare gesture from fans as it is always the opposite on what they say about other artist.

6lack got credit from his ability for not just to make R&B and rap albums but also for both albums to go platinum, which artist in both genre find it hard to pull off.

Do you want 6lack on new J Cole’s album? Drop your comments below.

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