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Fans Wish Tyler The Creator Happy Birthday, His Career Accomplishment So Far

Tyler the creator was born on 6th march, 1991 therefore making today his 31st birthday.

Tyler the creator fans wish him a happy birthday on twitter, he is yet to respond to any of them.

Fans of The rapper who loves to crossdress posted a lot of Tyler the creator throwback pictures and videos of him crossdressed.

Kevin Abstract wished Tyler happy birthday he tweeted “happy birthday tyler the creator thank you for inspiring a generation and for showing artists all over the world that there truly are no limits we are very lucky to have you”

Some fans are suprised Tyler is 31 years old, they thought he is way younger than that.

Some Tyler The Creator entertainment accomplishments So Far.

Tyler, the creator’s artistic evolution is one of the best we’ve seen from any hip hop artist, some fans compare him to Kanye West and below are the reasons ;

1. He created OF spawning multiple stars

2. Banned from a bunch of countries

3. Soundtracked a Dr. Seuss children’s movie

4. 1st lead rapper to solely produce & arrange a BB200 No. 1 album

5. Won a grammy

The rapper also explained he doesn’t like NFTs in a recent interview he said “it’s a f*cking monkey in a Supreme hoodie.” .

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