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Freddie Mercury Wife: Mary Austin Net Worth, Divorce, Dead or Alive Status, Location and Movie Review


You might know Freddie Mercury as the lead singer of the legendary rock band Queen, but you might not know who his wife was.

Freddie Mercury and wife Mary Austin

Freddie Mercury and wife Mary Austin

Her name is Austin Mary, their relationship was something of a fairytale come true, though they eventually broke up. They first met in 1969 when Mary was just 19 and Freddie was 24. This was five years after he moved to England. Mary was working at a London clothing store, Biba.


They started dating not long after, Freddy and Mary were never legally married, but the singer referred to her as his wife. While their relationship wasn’t always perfect, they were devoted to each other until Mercury’s death on November 24, 1991, due to complications from AIDS.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Freddie Mercury wife, Mary Austin and their relationship.

Watch a love story video of Freddie Mercury and His Wife Mary Austin ;

Who Was Freddie Mercury’s Wife?

You might want to ask whether Freddie Mercury had a wife.

Freddie Mercury was never legally married but was once engaged to a woman named Mary Austin. They were in a long-term relationship and remained friends until Mercury’s death.


Mary Austin was born in Fulham, London, on March 6, 1951. She was the long-time girlfriend of Farrokh Bulsara, commonly known as Freddie Mercury. Mary Austin first met Mercury in 1969. They started dating shortly after and eventually got engaged in 1973. The couple shared a flat, and she supported Mercy financially before he became a sensation.

Break Up

Mercy and Austin broke up because Freddie opened up about being gay and started having affairs with several men. Mary eventually got married to another man and had two sons.

A few years after Mercury’s death, Austin founded the Mercury Phoenix Trust, an organization that helps to fight AIDS.

Relationship After Break Up

So what was their relationship like? They were very close. Mercury called Austin his “wife” even after they separated. She was also one of the few people who knew about his diagnosis of AIDS and took good care of him before he died.

Freddie Mercury married Mary Austin?

You might want to ask When did Freddie Mercury married Mary Austin?

Freddie Mercury and wife Mary Austin

Freddie Mercury and wife Mary Austin

Freddie Mercury met Mary Austin through a bandmate Brian May in 1969, and they got engaged a few years later. Freddie Mercury and Mary Austin weren’t legally married. However, the relationship eventually came to an end and became very good friends. So in essence Freddie neither married Austin nor shared a child with her.


After they separated, they were very close and cared for each other. Mary was one of the few people Freddie ever told about his AIDS diagnosis before publicly announcing it a day before his death. She was also one of the people who helped him take care of his health during the last years of his life.

What Was Their Relationship Like?

Well, her name was Mary Austin, and they were childhood friends. They started dating in the 1970s and were together for six years. During that time, they were engaged but never married.

Obstacles in their relationship

Some people have said that their relationship was tumultuous and that Mercury often cheated on her. But others have said that they had a solid and supportive relationship. One thing is for sure Austin was there for him during his battle with AIDS, and she was one of the few people who attended his funeral.

Freddie Mercury wife Mary Austin net worth

They first met in 1969 through a Bandmate. Then Mary was working at a clothing store in London.

They became close friends and eventually started dating. But their relationship was tumultuous Freddie Mercury was always going out and drinking, and Mary Austin wasn’t always comfortable with that lifestyle.

In the end, their breakup was pretty amicable. Freddie Mercury even gave her half his estate when he died from AIDS-related complications in 1991. As for her net worth, According to Wealthy genius, she’s reportedly worth about $100 million.

Mary Austin’s relationship with Freddie Mercury was pretty rocky from the beginning. Freddie was always a wild child, and Mary didn’t always know how to handle him.

But despite their ups and downs, the two were pretty good for each other. Freddie gave Mary stability and allowed her to live a life that was a bit more normal than what she was used to.

Freddie and Mary were good friends until Mercury died in 1991. Mary has been very vocal about keeping his legacy alive in the years since his death.

Freddie Mercury wife movie review

So who was Freddie Mercury’s wife? She was Mary Austin, and they were together for six years. Although they were never officially married, Freddie referred to Mary as his wife and was once engaged. But their relationship wasn’t always smooth sailing. Here’s a review about a movie about the life of Freddie Mercury:

Bohemian Rhapsody Review

In the movie BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY, we see that Freddie is always on the road and Mary is at home taking care of their house and dog. Freddie is constantly calling her from his hotel room to check in, but it’s clear that he’s not there. He’s just phoning home because he misses her.

But things came to a head when Freddie opened up about being bisexual, and It wasn’t until 1976 that Freddie told Austin he thought he was bisexual. Mary once said: ” I remember saying to him, ‘No Freddie, I don’t think you are bisexual. I think you are gay. Mary finds out Freddie was having affairs with men. She’s understandably hurt and angry, and they break up.

Review From Wikipedia

According to Wikipedia, BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY is a 2018 biographical musical drama film produced by Graham King and Queen manager Jim Beach and directed by Bryan Singer from a script by Anthony McCarten.

From the band’s foundation in 1970 until their 1985 Live Aid performance at the original Wembley Stadium, the movie chronicles the life of Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of the British rock band Queen. Rami Malek plays Mercury in the movie, supporting performances by Lucy Boynton, Gwilym Lee, Ben Hardy, Joe Mazzello, Aidan Gillen, Tom Hollander, and Mike Myers. Brian May and Roger Taylor, both members of Queen, provided consultation on the movie.

The picture, a British-American collaboration, was made by Regency Enterprises, GK Films, and Queen Films, along with 20th Century Fox.

Mercury wife divorce settlements

You may be wondering, who was Freddie Mercury’s wife? Freddie was never legally married, but Mary Austin is one woman he loves and refers to as his wife.

They eventually Separated but decided to remain friends. And in the years that followed, they supported each other through thick and thin.

Freddie signed a will in September 1991, giving half of his wealth to Mary, and even left her his estate and 50 percent of his recording royalties. Talk about a strong friendship!

What Was the Last Thing Freddie Mercury Said to His Wife?

So, what was the last thing Freddie Mercury said to his wife? Well, we don’t know for sure. But some people believe that it was, “I love you.”

There’s no doubt that Freddie Mercury had a complicated relationship with his Mary Austin, but it’s clear that they loved each other very much. Despite all the rumours and speculation about their relationship, they were genuinely devoted to each other until the end.

Did Freddie Mercury’s wife have children?

You might be wondering if Freddie Mercury’s wife had children. And the answer is yes, she did. But the thing is, their relationship wasn’t always smooth sailing.

Freddie Mercury never married Mary Austin, and they don’t have any child together. Mary married and another man and bore two sons.

Freddie Mercury started dating a man named Jim Hutton; tho they were never married (gay marriage was illegal at the time), they both wore a ring to signify how committed they were. Freddie refers to Hutton as his husband, and they remained together until Mercury’s death in 1991. Freddie Mercury has no biological child. However, Austin Mary married Piers Cameron in 1990, and they had two sons named Richard and Jamie.

Freddie Mercury’s wife, Mary Austin, now

Mary is 71 years old and still lives in West London mansion, previously owned by Freddie Mercury. Today Mary Austin lives a quiet life away from the spotlight.

Her relationship with Freddie relationship wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Things got a little rocky near the end. Freddie started seeing other people, and Mary wasn’t too happy about it. They eventually got separated.

But that doesn’t mean their relationship was a total disaster. They remained friends until Freddie’s death in 1991. After his death, Mary took care of Freddie’s estate and made sure his legacy lived on.

Summary About Freddie Mercury Wife

Freddie Mercury was one of the most talented and beloved singer-songwriters in history. His voice was truly unique, and his stage presence was electric. But what about his personal life? Who was he married to, and what was their relationship like?

Freddie Mercury was in a relationship with Mary Austin for six years, and they were very close. Many assume she is the subject of his song “Love of My Life.” But their relationship wasn’t without its troubles.

They eventually Separated, although the reasons for their split are a bit fuzzy. Some say that Mary Austin wanted children and Freddie Mercury didn’t, while others claim that Mercury’s lifestyle and fame were too much for Austin to handle. Others said it’s because Freddie is gay.

Mary Austin was the love of his life. Though they were separated, they remained close until his death. Freddie eventually dated Hutton. Mary Austin is still well and alive in the West London Mansion.

Freddie Mercury Mary Austin Today

Freddie Mercury and wife Mary Austin

Freddie Mercury and wife Mary Austin

Mary Austin eventually got married to pier, and they had two sons. Mary is not dead and is currently 71 years old, living quietly in Freddie’s west London Mansion, away from the spotlight. Mary’s estimated net worth is $100 million – $150 million.

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Freddie Mercury was a British singer and songwriter born on September 5, 1946. He was the lead singer for the rock band Queen. Freddie Mercury was in a relationship with Mary Austin for a long time. Tho these pair were never officially married, Freddie often refers to her as his wife. They were both there for each other through thick and thin. Eventually, Freddie died due to AIDS-related complications but willed half of his wealth to Mary Austin.

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