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Hailey Bieber Celebrates Her YouTube Silver And Gold Creator Award

Hailey Bieber took to Instagram to celebrate her YouTube golden and silver award, she received because she went from 100k subscribers to over a million subscribers, she did that under the space of 2 months so she is very grateful and promise fans a lot of fun contents coming their way, she said in her words “Just received my @YouTube Silver AND Gold Creator Awards at the same time! From launch to 100K to over a million subscribers in 2 months? On behalf of my partners @obb and me, I wanted to say THANK YOU ALL so much for tuning into my channel – you have no idea how much more fun is coming? Please keep telling us what else you want to see!”

Incase you want to know what her YouTube channel is all about, she is a model amso her chanell is all about skin care routine, travels, styling and lifestyle if you are interested in any of that you can follow her channel (@ that’s her YouTube channel.

Hailey Bieber career is not limited to YouTube as she is known for having some of beautiful pictures on social media, below is an example ;


She looks beautiful in a simple dress like that one, that’s an example of how naturally beautiful she is, although she didn’t fulfil her dream as a dancer her beauty saved and gave her even a more comfortable career as a model.

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