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Is Eminem Retired? What We Know About his Career Status

Many fans wants to know if Eminem is retired or not since he’s taking a while to release new music which is unlike him who is always working in the studio releasing something new for his huge fan base.

Is Eminem Retired?

As of right now Eminem is not retired at least he hasn’t made any official announcement about his retirement.

Eminem has said a thousand times before he has no plans to retire, his team and friends also saying he is recording new music everyday. Even Paul Rosenberg confirmed that Eminem does not view his Hall of Fame induction as any kind of career end or retirement.

Eminem retirement Rumours

Since Eminem lost his brother Proof that’s when he’s been talking about retirement from rap music down but obviously he didn’t because he went ahead to release more albums.

Eminem retirement album

As of the time of writing the name of his last album is “Music to be murdered by” which he later released the Side B, he has not made any statement about his retirement let’s just say that is his last album for now.

Why did Eminem stop rapping?

Eminem never stop rapping even after he quit drugs he still continue to make music that inspire people to stay sober and do away with drugs, when he was asked in an interview when he will stop making musicallys said he wants to make music until it’s no longer fun and that’s when he will change his career to making him beats only.

When will Eminem retire?

Eminem have huge fanbase of millions of people missing him but right now they still have high hopes because he hasn’t made any announcement of retirement.

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Fans Reaction To Eminem’s Retirement

Below are what fans think about Eminem retiring from rap;

@dantheestan said ““Eminem should retire” “Eminem should stop making music” Nah you should stop streaming because newsflash you don’t have to listen to what he puts out”

@TheRelapseQueen said “Stop talking about retirement 😭😭 Eminem can not retire 💔 I still don’t deal well with this idea” she implies she can’t stand the idea of Eminem leaving rap to retire.

What do you think about Eminem retiring from rap?

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