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Is Jack Harlow Dating Saweetie And All You Need To Know About Jack Harlow And Saweetie Relationship

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Is Jack Harlow dating anyone? Here’s everything you need to know about the rapper’s ex-girlfriends and whether or not he’s single or dating.

After skyrocketing to stardom over the past year with massive tunes like ‘First Class,’ which became a viral hit on TikTok, Jack Harlow has easily become the man of the moment.

It’s no secret that the rapper’s every red carpet appearance and performance has fans drooling, but is he married or single?

Here’s all you need to know about Jack Harlow’s dating life, including whether or not he currently has a girlfriend…

Who is Jack Harlow dating?

Jack Harlow and Saweetie at the awards

Jack Harlow and Saweetie at the awards

At the time of writing, Jack is unmarried, and in a recent interview with GQ Hype, he discussed his feelings regarding relationships.

Fans will be disappointed, but he has revealed that dating a fan would result in him ‘closing up a little’.

“I like ladies, and dating is fun,” Jack explained. It’s funny how getting bigger gives you more opportunities. However, because the stakes are so great, you close up a little.”

“There’s also a stigma behind it,” he continued. I recall seeing musicians older than me talking about how there were girls that desired him just because he was a rapper when I was younger.

I thought that was fantastic. I couldn’t wait for girls to fall in love with me simply because I became an artist.”

“Now I have no interest in that,” he explained.

Jack also confessed that he demands any lady he hangs out with or dates sign nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) to ensure that whatever transpires between them is private.

Jack Harlow and Saweetie

Jack Harlow and Saweetie at the Coachella

Jack Harlow and Saweetie at the Coachella

Fans were ecstatic by Jack and Saweetie’s red carpet interaction at the BET Awards 2021, which sparked romance rumors.

It all started when the ‘Industry Baby’ rapper approached Saweetie to introduce himself during one of her interviews, and the animosity between them was palpable.

However, Jack later clarified that the circumstance was only for him to say hello and that no one was firing their weapon.

Jack Harlow and Addison Rae

After being seen together at a boxing fight in Atlanta in April 2021, Jack and TikTok star Addison Rae fueled dating rumors.

There were rumors that the two had been hanging out, and that Addison had liked several of Jack’s Instagram photos.

The He’s All That star quickly debunked the rumors, merely tweeting at the time, “I’m single.”

Did Jack Harlow and Saweetie date?

After their viral meeting at the 2021 BET Awards, Jack Harlow and Saweetie had the internet talking. After presenting himself to the rapstress while she was being questioned on the red carpet, Jack – who previously participated on the remix of Saweetie’s song ‘Tap In’ – appeared to take a shot at her. Their couple was also seen at the occasion locking eyes, but it’s assumed the two have long been buddies.

Who flirted with Saweetie?

At the BET Awards, Jack Harlow said his flirting with Saweetie was just “a friend vibe.”

In response to the viral video of him appearing to flirt with Saweetie at the 2021 BET Awards, Jack Harlow claims the two artists are just “friends.” Harlow ambushed Saweetie for a red carpet interview prior to the ceremony in the incident in question.

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Did Jack Harlow buy Saweetie Bentley?

Saweetie’s Bentley is for sale, according to Quavo.

It looks that the Migos rapper did indeed repossess his ex-2020 girlfriend’s Bentley Continental after claiming to have taken it back on Culture III. According to TMZ, the exact identical automobile is for sale for $279,888 at Jakes Motorcars, a premium and exotic car store.

The GTC V8 convertible is being advertised as a “pristine” used premium vehicle with only 2,191 kilometers and “laden with options,” including 22-inch wheels and a custom colored exterior with blue leather interior. It even has the “icy” headrests that Quavo made for his ex-girlfriend.

On the Drake-assisted “Having Our Way” off Culture III, Quavo appears to confirm that he returned the blue drop-top he gave Saweetie for Christmas.

He raps, “She got her way, now she’s out of a Bentley.”

Following the couple’s breakup, there were rumors that Quavo was dating someone else.

The custom convertible was repossessed. Saweetie, on the other hand, appeared to still have the automobile when she shared her #BestFriendChallenge video in April, in which she was seen carrying the keys to the costly whip.

In March, the pair announced their split, with Saweetie implying that Quavo had been unfaithful.

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