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Is Kendrick Lamar a Crip Member or Blood? His Gang Affiliations

Is Kendrick Lamar A Crip Member? 

Many fans wants to Know if Kendrick Lamar is a Crip member the answer is No! he is not, rather he’s blood by affiliation side of Compton (aka Bompton).

Although not in a gang himself, he grew up around gang members, with his closest friends being Westside Piru Bloods and his father, Kenny Duckworth, being a Gangster Disciple.

Kendrick Lamar’s Blood Childhood

His father Kenny Duckworth who was a former blood member was at some point captured by Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith (his father was released later on).

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His Label Gang Affiliation

Top Dawg also happens to currently be the owner of Top Dawg Entertainment—the record label Kendrick has been signed to since he was 15 years old! His parents wanted him to be raised clean without being in a gang and so he kept out of the gang life although many of his friends were members of the blood gang.

Watch Kendrick Lamar Talk About Crips and Blood and His Album ;

Kendrick Lamar’s Crips and Blood Shoe

“i call this unity shoes”  Kendrick Lamar released the attention-grabbing cover art for his single “i” which portrayed two opposing gang members dressed in all red and blue forming hearts with their hands.

Kendrick Lamar Crips and Blood Shoe

Kendrick Lamar Crips and Blood Shoe

The photo represented the unity Kendrick Lamar wants to see in a hope to put an end to gang violence.

Rather than making the sneakers available in separate colors, Kendrick’s version of the Reebok Ventilators come with blue accents on the left side and red accents on the right-forcing these two strongly represented colors to come together.

The gang references were clearly a conscious choice for the Compton native and the tongue of the sneaker features the word “neutral” in bold font to make sure Kendrick’s opinions are heard  loud and Clear.

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