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Is Kevin Gate Still Married to Dreka? All About Their Marriage Status and Drama

Kevin Jerome Gilyard (born February 5, 1986) is an American actor. Kevin Gates is an American rapper, musician, and businessman who goes by the nickname, Kevin Jerome Gilyard.

Kevin Gates is now contracted to Bread Winners’ Association, which is a joint venture between Atlantic Records and Kevin Gates.

Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates

Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates

Islah, his debut studio album, was introduced in January 2016 and reached number 2 on the Billboard 200 chart in the United States. Before Islah, Gates published three mixtapes, “Stranger Than Fiction,” “By Any Means,” and “Luca Brasi 2,” which together charted highest on the Billboard 200 chart.

Kevin Jerome Gilyard is the son of a Puerto Rican mother and a black father. Kevin Gates and his parents moved to Baton Rouge from New Orleans, Louisiana.

He had a difficult childhood and was imprisoned for the very first occasion in 1999, when he was 13 years old, for street racing in a stolen car as a traveler. Gates stopped communicating with his dad when he was a child, but got back in touch with him as an adolescent. His dad passed away of AIDS-related health problems while Gates was 14 years old.

Kevin Gates went to Baton Rouge Community College for a few months when he was 17 years old. KevinGates was born in the United States and is of Moroccan and Puerto Rican origin.

Kevin Gates Career start.

Kevin Gates performing in a stage

Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates debuted on the local label Dead Game Records in 2007. In the mid-2000s, he grew in popularity alongside fellow Baton Rouge natives Boosie Badazz and Webbie. Gates’ debut mixtape, Pick of Da Litter, was released in 2007, and the three cooperated on it. In 2008, Gates recorded another mixtape, All or Nuthin’, which included “a lot of pain…a lot of actual stories,” according to Gates.

Both Gates and Boosie were arrested and imprisoned in separate incidents in 2008, thus putting an end to Gates’ music career.

Between 2008 and 2011, Kevin Gates served 31 months in jail. Kevin Gates stated to have obtained a master’s degree in psychology while incarcerated throughout that time. Kevin Gate was subsequently released from jail quickly due to his proper behavior.

Kevin Gates released his 17th mixtape, “Only the Generals”, Pt. II, on February 19, 2021, his 1st initiative as of 2019. This record, which was unexpectedly published, is the follow-up to Gates’ 2019 EP Only the Generals Gon Fully comprehend.

The mixtape was produced in Puerto Rico in 2021, with Kevin Gates claiming that he did it to honor his family’s history on the island. It includes the recently leaked single “Plug Daughter 2,” which was created by Taz Taylor of Internet Money. Together with the launch of the mixtape, a video for the song “Puerto Rico Luv,” which displays his admiration for his culture, as well as the song “Cartel Swag,” was released.

Kevin Gates has hinted at his third studio album, “Khaza,” in the past.

Where does Kevin Gates live now?

Kevin Gates is a U.S. citizen who lives in Louisiana. Baton Rouge is a city in the state of Louisiana in the United States.

Kevin Gates is a Baton Rouge native who experienced childhood in both New Orleans and Baton Rouge. He grew up in New Orleans, and he subsequently went to Baton Rouge. His grandmother is from New Orleans, therefore he claims he resided there for a short time before moving to Baton Rouge. And in the majority, Kevin Gates went to school in Baton Rouge.

Who is Kevin Gates’s Partner?

Dreka Gates

Dreka Gates is a businesswoman and previous performer. Dreka Gates was born in America on August 31, 1986. She grew up in the United States alongside her brother.

Kevin Gates performing on a stage

Kevin Gates

Dreka Gates has a strong desire to achieve her goal. She had a dream of becoming a successful trader even when she was a child. Dreka is a well-known supermodel, performer, businesswoman, YouTuber, social media star, and media personality from the United States.

Dreka Gates underwent breast surgery.

Gates had her breasts implanted because she was unhappy with the volume of her breasts. She also desired to seem a little appealing and put on weight.

Kevin Gates in a river

Kevin Gates

Dreka Gates has had some major health difficulties, including hair loss and skin harshness, when using the product on several occasions.

Dreka Gates has always been enthusiastic about her ambition and has worked tirelessly to make it a reality.

Dreka Gates launched her first YouTube account in 2017 and posted a video on feeding animals. Her video quickly went viral, and she received further encouragement to make more videos.

Dreka Gates’ debut video has 413k views and 17k likes as of 2021. She later became a well-known YouTuber after producing regular vlogs and live performances of her husband. She was frequently featured in her husband’s music videos as an actress.

Dreka Gates posted a video last year that contained her ideal goal of creating a landscape.

Kelvin Gates, Dreka Gates’ ex-husband, is most recognized for being a rapper. Dreka was born in America around August 31, 1986, in Baton Rouge.

Kelvin Gates, Dreka Gates’s husband, is a well-known rapper and performer in the United States. She is also Kelvin Gates’ agent in addition to her career.

Kelvin’s forthcoming projects and performances are looked upon by Dreka, who also manages Kelvin’s concert scheduling procedure. This wonderful pair additionally manages the “Bread Winner’s Association,” which they founded.

What is Dreka Gates’s real name?

Dreka Gates’s real name is Shadreka Centuri Haynes. Dreka Gates is from the United States of America.

How old is Dreka Gates?

Dreka Gates was born on 31st August 1986. She is 35 years old.

Who is Dreka Gates married to?

Dreka Gates is Married to Kevin Gates.

Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates married in 2015, and they have two children, Khaza Kamil Gates and Islah Koren Gates.

Kevin Gates, a well-known rapper, and his wife, Dreka Gates, have been married now for about twenty years.

Dreka Gates delivered Kevin a message in October 2020, bidding him a lifetime of happiness. She disclosed that the pair had been married for 17 years in the Instagram post.

Is Kevin Gates still married to Dreka?

Both couples are still married. Before March 2022, when the rapper made a post regarding missing ex-girlfriends, rumors concerning Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates breaking up were already circulating.

Kevin Gates is known for his motivational speeches. “At times, we miss our X’s but it’s in the past for a reason — do you recollect the stench, the arguments, the energy being drained, not reaching your objectives, the money you could have made, the money you f****d up, the time you should’ve invested in yourself – f**k em. #CarryOn,” the rapper wrote.

This sparked a flurry of speculations about their engagement, including many admirers believing they had decided to split.

Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates sat down to discuss with Complex in 2020, during which Kevin discussed how Dreka was a cornerstone in his career.

“She is the absolute truth.” “Show me a woman with this cut,” the rapper exclaimed, praising his wife.

Dreka, the 36-year-old rapper, was commended by the artist for always being at his side, even when he was in prison.

“She embodies anything I say to her.” He went on to say, “She was able to forgive me for a lot of nonsense that I was doing.”

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Dreka and Kevin Gates Drama.

The Drama is all about Kevin Gates making some stunning statements during the new solo single on Thursday.

Dreka Gates

Dreka Gates

When Kevin revealed that Dreka Gates allegedly flirted with him, fans were stunned. He further claimed that she was the mother of one kid by another. These assertions and speculations are based on the lyrics of Kevin’s most recent song.

Since Kevin said “baby” and “pregnancy,” fans would say Dreka is going to have a child. Nevertheless, several individuals are perplexed by the timing of all, with others wondering if they left out an important aspect of their relationship. Some, on the other hand, feel the lyrics were written for somebody other than Dreka.

Dreka Gates appears to be being rather active on the internet while Kevin Gates was busy developing good songs.

Just very few hours after releasing Super General, Dreka Gates took to the internet. She shared an Instagram story after that, wherein she laid back and enjoyed herself in a hot bathtub. Dreka has remained silent in reaction to several of Kevin’s accusations in his song.

Before publishing the song, Kevin Gates has often talked positively about his marriage. In an appearance with Complex, Kevin even referred to Dreka as his “backbone.”

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