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Is Kodak Black in Jail? Where He Is Now And His Arrest

Rapper Kodak Black was taken into custody in south Florida on suspicion of possessing a controlled substance and trafficking oxycodone.

Kodak Black on purple dress

Kodak Black arrest

On the final day of his administration, Donald Trump pardoned the rapper, whose real name is Bill Kapri, for a prior conviction on a weapons charge. According to his attorney Bradford Cohen, he was incarcerated in Fort Lauderdale on Friday and released on Saturday after a $75,000 bond was agreed upon at a bail hearing.

According to a statement from the Florida Highway Patrol, officers stopped Black’s car because it appeared to have darker window tint than allowed.

Police claim that during their search of the vehicle, they discovered a small clear bag containing 31 white tablets and nearly US$75,000 (£63,200, A$110,200) in cash. They claim that oxycodone was later discovered in the tablets.

According to the agency, record checks also showed that Black’s driver’s license and vehicle tag were both expired.

Never base a decision about a case on an arrest. Particularly in this case, there are facts and circumstances that support a defense, Cohen told Rolling Stone on Saturday. “We will proceed with swiftly resolving the issue.”

Black was additionally detained earlier this year in south Florida on suspicion of trespassing. Later, prosecutors decided not to pursue the case.

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Rapper Kodak Black

The rapper was given a three-year federal prison sentence in January 2020 for faking documents to purchase weapons. At the time, President Trump was in office. Half of Black’s sentence had already been served.

He was given probation in 2021 after assaulting a teenage girl in a hotel room in South Carolina. Black was accused of rape but agreed to a deal and pleaded guilty to first-degree assault, a non-sexual offense.

The rapper is one of the performers scheduled to appear at the Friday-starting Rolling Loud festival 2022. On July 24, he is scheduled to perform.

Black has sold over 30 million singles and had a number of huge hits, including his most recent single, Super Gremlin, which peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 this year and had a DJ David Guetta remix released earlier in the year.

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What is Kodak Black’s net worth?

Kodak has an estimated net worth of $600,000, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Kodak Black, a 24-year-old rapper better known by his stage name, was born Bill Kahan Kapri on June 11, 1997.

He first attracted attention at the young age of 17 with his 2014 single No Flockin.

How Much Does Kodak Black Earn?

Kodak Black earns an estimated $4.19 million a year.

Every Kodak Black fan out there struggles to answer one particular query: How much money does Kodak Black make?

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Rapper Kodak Black

According to data from the previous 30 days, Kodak Black’s channel received 2.33 million views per day and 69.79 million views each month.

Playing advertisements on monetized YouTube channels brings in money. YouTube channels typically make between $3 and $7 for every thousand video views. If Kodak Black’s income falls within this range, Net Worth Spot calculates that he makes $279.16k per month, or $4.19m annually.

However, it’s possible that Net Worth Spot is understating Kodak Black’s earnings. Kodak Black might, in the best case scenario, make more than $7.54 million a year.

There may be new revenue streams for Kodak Black. Influencers can make money by selling their own goods, accepting sponsorships, or receiving affiliate commissions.

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How is Kodak Black doing?

Black’s bond is currently set at $75,000 in the Broward County Jail, where he is presently being held.

His lawyer, Bradford Cohen, issued a statement on Saturday saying, “Never judge a case solely on an arrest.” Particularly in this situation, there are facts and circumstances that support a defense.

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