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Is Money Heist Korea same as Money Heist? Money Heist Korea Review

Money Heist Korea.

Inspired by the Spanish heist criminality thriller program of a similar title, Money Heist Korea is a South Korean television program.

Yoo Ji-Tae, Park Hae-soo, Jeon Jong-Seo, Lee Hyun-woo, Lee Won-jong, and Park Myung-hoon are among the cast members of the Netflix exclusive Korean series, which was directed by Kim Hong-sun and scripted by Ryu Yong-Jae.

Money Heist Korea review

Money Heist Korea review

The Korean serial Money Heist is based in an identical make-believe world to the previous show and portrays a prisoner scenario on the Korean Peninsula involving a brilliant tactician and individuals with various dispositions and skills.

On June 24, 2022, Netflix launched the opening six episodes. The 6 final shows of the series have no set airdate as of now.

Money Heist Korea Profile and Data

Producer: Kim Take Song.

Director: Kim Hong-sun

Written by: Ryu Yong-Jae, Choe Sung-Jun, Kim Hwan-chae

Episodes: Six episodes.

Is Money Heist a Korean remake?

There seem to be some remarkable differences in both the plot, the Cultural setting, and the sequence itself. In certain cases, sequences are simply brazenly picked up without any new elements. The Korean adaptation has a unique element due to the electoral context.

Money Heist Korea review

Money Heist Korea review

Spanish television film Money Heist has an accredited Korean version called Money Heist. The daring heist seen on TV is given a special historical flavor by the production.

• The Korean adaptation examines a considerably extra complex and culturally contentious subject than the Spanish show, which plays around with the humanitarian disaster and rising young anxieties in Spain.

In this scenario, the largest robbery is considered to stop the attempts to unite Korea just as they are about to get there. This is accomplished by taking Four trillion won from the National Treasury, which is located in the “Joint Economic Area,” a made-up metropolis that lies between South and North Korea.

• The main character’s sincere portrayal is one aspect that favors this adaptation. The actors in the Spanish edition of Money Heist are unrelated to each other besides their identities.

But in the Korean version, Each cast’s background was already modified to fit the “Korean” environment. The characters didn’t mimic the figures or allow them to appear cartoonish. The movie’s greatest asset is this.

• Again, Salvador Dal’s is a further element of seeming distinctiveness. La Casa De Papel is responsible for the Dali mask’s global renown. The mask served as a statement of the deep-seated opposition to capitalism in society.

The Hahoetal mask, a historical cover worn in Korea in stage shows, gets utilized in the Korean version to localize it instead of adopting Dali costumes.

The creators keep it intriguing and entertaining by incorporating such minute idiomatic expressions and subtleties from Korea. However, Money Heist Korea is hardly a surprise. There is not a single “hurray” scene, just expected surprises along the way. Moment after moment, the key turns in the story that rendered Money Heist a worldwide sensation are revealed.

However, It seems reasonable to say that Money Heist Korea has had strongly influenced by the previous series due to the approximate looting amount of 2.4 billion.

Is Money Heist Korea the same as Money Heist?

Viewers will also observe a big difference in the squad masks for the Korea series. Whenever anyone ripped off the Salvador Dali mask in the first Money Heist, people understood that matters were going to get ugly. The mask pays reference to a prominent Spanish sculptor although also drawing on motifs of Dal’s unexpected artwork and his ideological inclinations, even though it was seldom explicitly addressed.

Money Heist Korea review

Money Heist Korea review

The mask from Money Heist Korea represents further cultural change. The crew dons Hahoe masks rather than Dal masks. These masks, originally are from Hahoe Folk Village and are often used at the event known as Hahoe Pyolshin-gut that nori, which goes back to the middle ages. stand-in for the generic figures required to carry out the ritual.

Who made money Heist Korea?

Kim Take Song, composed and Produced the Money Heist Korea series.

The Producer deserves accolades for imbibing the distinctive Personalities of the characters. That is to say that each character adequately represents a town, Country, or another personality.

Money Heist Korea director.

Kim- Hong-sun is the Money Heist Korea Director. He is praised for putting in the movie, the Cultural magnification the Koreans are known to have.

Director Kim Hong-sun stressed in an interview with the Indian Express saying although the storyline would be similar, it’s the personalities that would create this second series sound alive

. “I believed that by translating the setting and people into Korean, we might create something fresh. And that’s how we got going, said Kim Hong-sun.

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How Many Episodes has Money Heist Korea?

The series has 6 episodes as of now, with viewers expecting the next 6 episodes soon. Each is an hour long.

Money Heist Korea review

Money Heist Korea review

Before North, and South Korea’s reconciliation, a female North Korean military officer who was also a hidden admirer of the K-pop boy group BTS narrated the first episode of the Money Heist Korea series.

With the Korean Peninsula’s North-South border launched in 2025, allowing North Koreans and South Koreans to transit among the two nations for employment, the South made assets in the North, and the Joint-Economic Area (JEA) was built to foster economic development, having in mind the other two Koreas.

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