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Isaiah Rashad Leaked Video: Fans Show Support And Critize Who Leaked The Szxtape

Isaiah Rashad a TDE artiste got his s**tape leaked online, his fans are searching for the video online and those who find it have different reaction towards it.

Some Isaiah Rashad fans found the leaked video annoying while some laughed at it and even made memes about it.

Let’s see some reaction from Isaiah Rashad fans and hip hop fans entirely, below ;

@ Reggiesaxx said “The TL reacting to the Isaiah Rashad News”

@Steeltalkscrap said “why did i just see a video of isaiah rashad getting his dck sucked”

— steez 🌿 (@steeztalkscrap) February 9, 2022

@Shatired said “respected and loved. no one should leak anyones private videos. it’s really foul and i hope he knows that we love him”

@Dijahsb said “whoever leaked that video of isaiah rashad is a fucking loser dude”

@Dijahsb said again “if I’m isaiah rashad this what I’m posting and going about my day”


@theonly1jt said “Idk if Isaiah Rashad gay or not but it’s crazy that’s the thing that would stop niggas from listening to a artist like niggas could be abusers,pedophiles,rapists, but having a different sexuality is where they draw the line”

@thoughtfulbae said “My heart goes out to Isaiah Rashad. He has been through a lot these past few years and the last thing he needs is an absurd invasion of privacy. No one deserves to be exposed against their wishes”

@taygrayofficial said “This Isaiah Rashad thing actually makes my stomach crawl.

The PTSD of being outed when you didn’t do anything to anybody…I’m deadass sick.

Whoever did that is beyond low”


What are your thoughts on Isaiah Rashad leaked video, can it cost him his deal with TDE label?

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