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J. Cole Biography, Net Worth, Earnings and Quotes

J. Cole Biography

J. Cole is an American Rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. He was born in Frankfurt, Hesse, West Germany, and raised in North Carolina. His father was in the US army and his mom worked in the USA postal service.

He has developed his love for music since he was young, he started music at the age of 12 and served in an orchestra till 2003.

After high school, he decided to go into music full time. He started gaining recognition in 2007 after releasing a mixtape, THE COME UP. Going on in the following years, he released another mixtape, the warm-up in 2009.

J. Cole attends a graduation at Rowan University in NJ

J. Cole attends a graduation at Rowan University in NJ

Also in 2009, J. Cole was signed in to Roc nation owned by Jay Z and was the first artist to be signed into the record label.

In 2010, he released another mixtape called Friday night lights.

J. Cole Profile

Full name: Jermaine Lamarr Cole.

Other names: Therapist, Hollywood Cole.

Occupation: Rapper, Singer and songwriter, Record producer, and Basketball player.

Gender: Male

Birthdate: January 28, 1985

Marital status: Married.

Spouse: Melissa Heholt.

Children: 2

Sibling: Zach Cole.

Nationality: American.

Years active: 2007 – present.

Education: Tarry Sanford high school.

J. Cole’s Albums.

The rapper has released 6 albums, three mixtapes, twenty-one music videos, and 56 singles including 22 where he was a featured artist.

He released his first debut album Cole World, The sideline story on September 27, 2011. It was ranked number one in the Us billboard 200, Us R&B hip hop, and US rap charts. It was widely accepted and was certified platinum and was said to sell over two hundred thousand plus copies in the first week.

J. Cole performing a show while wearing a pink jacket

J. Cole performing a show while wearing a pink jacket

His second studio album was born sinner, released on June 18, 2013. This album like the first was also number one on the above-stated charts. This album also received a platinum certification.

Forest hills drive was Cole’s third album, released on December 9, 2014. The album reportedly sold 353,000 copies in the first week. Singles from this album are – Wet Dreamz, No role Modelz, Apparently, Love Yourz. The album also received various certifications and recognitions. Two singles from this album also received platinum certification.

In 2016, Cole blessed his fans with another album 4 Your Eyez only. It received certified gold. The album was released on December 9, 2016. Same date forest hills were released.

J. Cole’s fifth album KOD, which is arguably one of his best albums, broke so many records in terms of copies sold, streams, and charts both as an album and single tracks.

The off-season is the rapper’s sixth studio album. Released May 21, 2021. The album featured a number of artists like 6lack, Lil Baby, and 21 savages. It sold over two hundred thousand plus copies and was said to have multiple producers. The album received nominations for best rap album at the Grammy awards.

Other singles from this album also received nominations.

J. Cole’s Yearly Earnings.

• 2014 – $7 million

• 2015 – $11million

• 2016 – $14million

• 2017 – $19million

• 2018 – $36million

• 2019 – 30million

Jcole is one of America’s successful rappers. You’re right to refer to Jcole as one the most influential rapper of his time. His impact on the industry cannot be thrown under the carpet.

He is one of the highest-paid rappers in the world and he earns approximately $30million a year.

J. Cole’s Net Worth.

J. Cole new looks with the dread

J. Cole new looks with the dread

The Rapper is one of the best in the industry and has had good and fulfilling years throughout his career. From his singles to his mixtapes to albums and tours. He is the owner of Dreamville records.

The songwriter has a whopping net worth of $60 million. He has gained inspiration and looked up to his seniors and colleagues in the industry like Jay- Z, Eminem, and Tupac.

J. Cole is known for his ability to tell stories with his lyrics. As stated earlier he has so many albums and singles to his name. Even after the various dismissal and refusal for J. Cole to meet his mentor(Jay-Z) he didn’t give up. He kept on trying and pushing and after releasing his mixtape which has been downloaded thousands of times and earned him some recognition, this pushed Jay-Z to sign him into Roc nation.

The deal with Roc nation fostered his success and made him widely known, pushed him to the spotlight, and has further contributed to his success today.

The Rapper has earned his wealth from music and other businesses.

What Business Does J. Cole Own?

The Rapper like other rapper has other sources of income that has contributed to his wealth today. J. Cole has other businesses that are not even related to music and song writing.

These are some of his other sources of income.


This is a global music streaming service with a high sound and quality. It is one of the best platforms and websites for streaming. This platform is owned by Jay-Z, but J. Cole is said to have a share in it. Recently, it was sold to Jack Dorsey for 297 million dollars. What this means is that, for this transaction alone, J. Cole must have acquired over $8 million.

  • Dreamville

This is a brand, owned by the rapper and his manager, Ibrahim Hamad. This record has nine albums to its name, three of which obtained platinum. Dreamville was created in 2007.

There are eight artists signed under this record label. This is one of the sources of wealth through deals and streaming.

  • Fashion

Due to the rapper’s good sense of fashion that attracts his fans and other celebrities – rappers alike, he earned himself deals and transactions from Puma. In 2020, puma offered him a footwear deal and partnership. They released a collaboration together. The PUMA Rs – Dreamer was sold for $90.

KOD achievements

The fact that J. Cole gave his fans and listeners only four days’ notice before this album was released and yet the album still broke many records and charts needs to be studied.

The album accumulated 64.5 million streams on Apple Music. It was released in 2018. The album was produced by mostly the rapper himself and is forty-two minutes long.

It sold almost four hundred thousand copies in its first week and also topped billboard charts.

The album wasn’t just number one in America, but also in Canada, Australia, and Uk.

The album KOD means kids on drugs, king overdose, or kill our demons. It was ranked number 14 on the most popular album of 2018 on the billboard 200.

The project obtained 282,000 units in the first week alone which equals a breakdown of 37,000 album sales.

J Cole Dreamville fest 2022

Dreamville fest is a music festival curated by Cole. Seeing that he was raised in nearby Fayetteville, North Carolina. The rapper sees this festival as a way of giving back to the home that has made him and shaped him to be all that he is today.

The festival celebrates music, cultural food, and all other related things. The feast for 2022, was April 2 and 3. Apart from the Rapper performing, other artists that were featured are Lil baby, Kehlani, J.I.D, Bas, Wizkid, Earthgang, Wale, and Rico Nasty.

The event has been said to be blessed with many reunions between Ja Rule and Ashanti.

How much does he make per tour?

In 2013, J. Cole hosted a concert where the fans paid just $1 following the advice of Jay Brown, CEO, and Co-founder of Roc Nation.

This was based on the idea to give back to his fans. Hence, he made no money from the tour because the $1 the fans paid was donated to the Dreamville Foundation.

In 2015, the fans showed their loyalty when they turned up massively for the forest hills Drive tour. The tour sold over five hundred thousand plus tickets and making him earn over $20 million.

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Famous Quotes by J. Cole.

J. Cole standing on top of a car

J. Cole standing on top of a car

• “We got dreams and we’ve got a right to chase them”.- J.Cole.

• “Take a chance, because you never know how perfect can turn out”. – J.Cole.

• “Never give up until you have given out your best”. -J. Cole.


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