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Jack Harlow Spotted Watching NBA Game Live

Rapper Jack Harlow was spotted in an NBA game, he was watching the game in the crowd with rest of other NBA fans.

When the camera spotted him, he smiled all through even though some top officials like Scott Foster and Ed Malloy was  trying to figure out who Jack Harlow is.

Watch Video of Jack Harlow In The NBA Game Below ;

Here is how the conversation between Scott Foster and Ed Malloy went trying to know who Jack Harlow Is;

Scott Foster: “Who is Jack Harlow?”

Ed Malloy: “No idea.”

Foster: “He’s the guy over there in the white shirt.”

Malloy: “Who is he?”

Foster: “I don’t know, go ask him.”

Referees Scott Foster and Ed Malloy had no idea who Jack Harlow was 😂


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