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Jaden Smith Wants To Be A “Psychedelic World Leader” After Taking Drugs

In the world of psychedelic substances, Jaden Smith is on a mission to become a “global leader.”

The rapper/actor frankly explained how his usage of illegal narcotics has influenced his life in an interview to promote his MSFTSrep brand’s Trippy Summer 2022 collection.

He told the journal, “It’s been a series of excursions that have really made me realize that I need to go out in the world and really push this movement and that I need to be a psychedelic world leader.”

“You know, that’s how I feel – I really don’t want to cross the bridge by myself and see something incredible and then keep it to myself. I really want to let people know that there are other things inside of us that can help us communicate about mental health in so many different ways.”

Jaden added that psychedelic therapy fascinates him and that he is looking forward to a “mystical future.”

Furthermore, the actress stated that there is still a lot to learn about “smart” mushrooms.

“So I just believe like mushroom power is something that we need to foster in general for humanity’s future.” “And not just with psychedelics,” continued the 23-year-old.

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