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John Legend Celebrates Son’s 3rd Birthday

John legend made a post of family picture of his wife and children, they look healthy and nourished in cute fashion outfits with smiling faces that proves they are happy, John Legend captioned the post “handsome guy is 3 today” ;


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John Legend care about his family and must be happy on his son 3rd  birthday, he also care about humanity just like he cares about his family, In these tough times he shows how much he cares about human lives lost in the Palestine Vs Israeli war going on by sharing his thoughts about it, See below ;

That’s a tweet by Ali Velshi John Legend made a  retweet and gave his own thought, his family and wife must be proud the head of the family speaking up on their behalf so is his fan base. Hopefully John Legend may go in depth on the topic during his TV show .

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