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Kanye West and Drake smiling together, embrace at Larry Hoover Concert

If Kanye West and Drake performing together wasn’t enough proof that they’ve truly put their differences aside, check out this… definitive proof they’re friends again.


Here’s Ye and Drizzy at the event on Thursday night, but in a way we hadn’t seen them before: up close and personal. They couldn’t be happier in each other’s company, as seen by their ear-to-ear grins and shoulder-to-shoulder exit from the Coliseum.

Of course, we saw these two having a good time at the event — but the view (whether in person or on Amazon) wasn’t nearly as good… and it’s clear from these photos that Drake and Kanye are truly over their feud.

As we previously mentioned, it was primarily Kanye’s concert, as he performed the majority of the set, which included both new and old hits. Drake also performed, albeit for a considerably shorter period of time.


Drake performed some Kanye West songs, while Kanye West performed some Drake songs, creating it the ideal crossover experience for fans. Speaking of them, the place was jam-packed to the gills… and word on the street is that getting in and out that night was a nightmare.

Anyway, it’s fantastic to see these guys have regained their cool. Let’s hope their newfound friendship leads to future collaborations, which is obviously what everyone wants.

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