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Kanye West Fans Are Disappointed Donda 2 Wasn’t Released After They Bought Stem Player

Kanye West promised the release of Donda 2 on 2/22/2022, he also told fans to buy stem player.

So after some bought the stem player some are disappointed he didn’t release Donda 2.

This is not the first time Kanye West is pulling such move off and majority of his fans know he won’t release Donda 2 as he promised earlier.

@HossainRafay called Kanye fans clowns he said “Y’all spent $200 and didn’t even get the album 💀 #DONDA2”

@se7nteen11 said “Kanye West’s real fans know that #DONDA2 won’t drop at midnight. He’s probably still mixing track 2 rn”

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